Magdalen College School- Oxford

Bike Shelters

We installed 120 bike parking spaces for Magdalen College in May. We installed various types of our BDS range of shelters to achieve this as seen below. 2x BDS Enclosure for 40 bikes 1x The BDS Enclosure for 20 bikes 1x The BDS Shelter for 10 bikes

Royal College of Music-Two Tier Bike Racks and Shelters


Bike Dock Solutions were approached to manufacture and install several of our Two Tier Cardiff Cycle Shelters and 202 Two Tier Bike Racks in Hammersmith for the Royal College of Music. The client is delighted with the end result.

Semi Vertical Rack – where do you put them?

Semi Vertical Rack

Semi Vertical Rack. Indoors or outdoors? Either is fine. The semi vertical rack is hot dipped galvanised, which means it will not rust for at least 10 years. Some galvanising can even last 50 years plus. Galvanising is a process that electrically attaches this protection to steel. Which is different to just painting as it won’t last as long.   You can also keep the rack indoors. We can powder coat the racks on top of the galvanising in your colour of choice. We have red, yellow, black, grey, blue, dark blue, red, green, dark green and white. If you would like us to, we can even colour match say your school or business logo so it blends in with its setting.   Who and where does the semi vertical rack suit? Anyone who needs cycle parking can use this bike rack. It has been known to be installed in garden sheds, garages, car parks, school playgrounds, under office stairs and even on the back of vans for transporting bikes.   What Continue Reading…

London Borough of Wandsworth


Over the past 2 months we have installed 2 x BDS 10 space Cycle Shelter, 1 x BDS Extended Front Enclosure, 1 x BDS 20 Space Cycle Shelter, 1 BDS 40 space Enclosure for the London Borough of Wandsworth.

Two Tier Bike Rack explained

Two Tier Bike Rack explained

When it comes to space saving cycle parking, the Two Tier Bike Rack is THE most space efficient bike rack available. Why choose the two tier bike rack? Space Efficiency Due to it’s double levels and staggered heights you can fit a large number of bikes in a tight space. The bikes can be stored with only 375mm centre spacing. The staggered heights mean the bikes can be parked closer to each other than other typical racks. This is very effective in places that are tight on space. Tip: Ensure your room height is a minimum of 2.4m, that’s all you need.   Where can it be installed? It needs a flat hard surface, like concrete ideally or tarmac. As mentioned before, you must have the head height but also entrance space is important. A depth of 3.5m minimum would be comfortable. It has a hot dipped galvanised finish which means it will last for years and years without corrosion.   Security The Two Tier Bike Rack offers 3 locking points. For the front Continue Reading…

The Semi Vertical Bike Rack

Semi Vertical Bike Rack

The Semi Vertical Bike Rack is a tough and affordable space saving rack. As it’s one of our best sellers, it deserves a post all on its own!   Space Efficiency It is VERY space efficient. As the bikes are stored semi vertically (you’ll see what I mean if you look at the photo!) and at staggered heights, the bikes can be stored with only 305mm centre spacing. The staggered heights mean the bikes can be parked closer to each other than other typical racks, which can be quite important in tight places such as under your stairs at home or in the office.   Where can the semi vertical bike rack be installed? Anywhere! It is durable enough to be installed outside or inside. In car parks, offices, garages, sheds or pavements.   Security The Semi Vertical Bike Rack offers 3 locking points. For the front and back wheel, and the centre frame. We can apply a locking bar on the centre of the bike rack so cyclists can apply their Continue Reading…

Bike shelters – making the right decision

bike shelters

This bike shelters related post is a guide to help you in choosing what is right for you. Who are bike shelters for? Whether you’re in a school, university, office, accommodation or in construction, for parking bikes securely a bike shelter will function the same in all of these locations.   How many bikes are you looking to park? This is always a good place to start when choosing the right bike shelter. Shelters start by parking a minimum of 6 bikes and go up in multiples of 2. So if you have an exact figure in your mind of how many bikes I am certain we can make the shelter to accommodate the bikes you need.   The Location to consider when choosing the right bike shelter This is a very important aspect to consider. From a usability point of you, the shelter should be in a place where users will feel safe parking their bike. Preferably near lighting (we do offer solar lighting in our shelters) or close to other Continue Reading…

12 Hammersmith Grove- London

Feb 2

12 Hammersmith Grove is a brand new mixed use property in the heart of Hammersmith. We manufactured and installed 148 Two Tier Bike Racks with easy lift gas struts, 7 shelters to house the racks and 250 meters of Armco Barrier through our sister company The end result was superb if we do say so ourselves!

Trenchard House – London

January 1

We manufactured and installed 128 Two Tier Bike Racks with easy lift gas structs and 40 Wall Dock for Trenchard house in Soho, London. The mixture of solutions ensured the maximum number of bikes could be installed in thebuilding.

Canary Wharf Group- London

Semi Vertical Rack

We manufactured and installed 30 Semi-Vertical bike racks for Canary Wharf Group. The client was delighted with the design of the racks and to finally have the bikes parked in an orderly fashion.