Bike Dock Solution Lands Partnership In Canary Wharf

August 06, 2019

Bike Dock Solutions – Latest Deal

In the world of bike dock and rack solutions, one name stands above the rest.  Bike Dock Solutions are a company committed to providing the best of the best to their customers, and a recent deal that they have struck has left the company looking even more like the iron-clad professionals they’ve always been. 

We’re here to give you the details on their exciting new venture. 

The Deal That Was Made

So let’s talk about the deal which has been made. The company has recently entered into a partnership with Wood Wharf, a new district which is located in Canary Wharf. 

Their community helps to expand the area and improve the overall standard of London, and Bike Dock Solutions has been contracted to provide them with, you guessed it, bike racks as well as other car park furniture. 

While the exact value of the deal is un-released, it has been confirmed to be significant in terms of value. 

A Dream Partnership

We’ve got the details on how this match made in heaven came to be, so let’s take a step back to the beginning. It all began on Linkedin, which many businesses and professionals will know to be the networking site for corporate experts and entrepreneurs alike. 

It all started when Bike Dock Solutions made a post about their bike racks. A member of the design team at Wood Wharf saw it and got in contact. The process that came after that? Well, that’s just the magic unfolding.
A Deal to Treasure

This deal is one which Bike Dock Solutions are exceptionally proud of, and it’s easy to tell why this is the case. 

James Nash, Bike Dock Solutions Founder is quoted as saying:

“The deal is ‘the largest we have ever secured’, and says that ‘What is unique is that usually a deal like this would get placed with larger companies which supply other ‘steel’ type work for the development. However, now so many bike racks are installed in new developments, we fully expect more construction companies to cut out these types of companies who act as a middleman and come directly to us. By doing this, they will save money.”

Hopes For The Future?

This deal is one to applaud, and we wish Bike Dock Solutions all the best when it comes to moving forward, but the company already has one eye on the future. 

They’re going to want this to go well in the short-term, but then in the long-term, the hope is that this deal will help to serve as proof that Bike Dock Solutions are ready to handle other transactions of this calibre. 

This is a company which is prepared to work and do business in the big leagues, and their partnership with Wood Wharf is just the beginning. 

t’s evident that the best thing to do now is to sit back and watch these talented and hardworking professionals flourish, bringing their community to even greater heights. 

Bike Dock Solutions Team

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