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Bike Stands – a Convenient Bike Storage Solution

As more people take up cycling as a mode of transportation, bike parking provisions, like bike stands, are becoming an increasingly important feature in public and commercial spaces. Without proper infrastructure, business owners might find cyclists parking in unwanted areas, chaining their bikes to trees, fences, railings or other site furnishings. This can lead to property damage or obstructions to pedestrian or road traffic and is often less than safe for bikes.

Bicycle stands provide an ideal solution by creating a safe and well-organised bike parking space whilst using only a little space. Bike stands are the perfect solution for schools, retail premises, businesses and many more. We offer a wide range of cycle stands to meet the needs of our varied customers.

We design our bike stands to provide a stable and secure platform for bikes while taking up minimal floor space. From traditional floor-standing bike stands to wall-mounted options, we have the right bicycle stand solution for your business.

Bike Stands – the Cost-Effective Way to Improve Your Bicycle Parking Space

When selecting bike storage for your business, factor in the area of your building or parking lot and the number of bikes to be stored. Evaluating your current requirements will help you select the appropriate bike storage product.

Bicycle stands are an excellent option for indoor and outdoor spaces. There are some benefits to installing bike stands instead of more extensive bike storage solutions when space is an issue. Cycle stands are compact and often can accommodate more than one bike.

Bike stands are low-cost and typically much less expensive than bike shelters or bike enclosures. They are a viable option for parking lots, building entrances, sidewalks and even lobbies. Cycle stands can be fitted on a much smaller space where the bike parking competes with pedestrian or car traffic. For example, our Polyurethane/ Duracast London Stand is a preferred sidewalk installation for local authorities.

Bicycle stands are also convenient and flexible. Providing there is space, bike parking can be extended easily by adding more bike stands. Additionally, they can be fixed on various floor or wall surfaces.

Installing a bike stand in your business can provide many benefits. It can increase customer and employee satisfaction as bike stands offer a convenient and accessible place for customers and employees to park their bikes.

This is a way for businesses to promote healthier and more sustainable lifestyle choices. Encouraging employees and customers to bike to work contributes towards improved health and reduces CO2 emissions and car traffic.

Installing bicycle stands on your premises contributes to a good brand image, too. It demonstrates your business's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Contact us today to learn more about our bike stand solutions and how we can help you choose the right one for you.

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