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Our Traditional Sheffield Bike Stand is a classic and popular design that offers excellent value, low maintenance, and minimalist bike parking. The shape of the bike stand allows for both the bike frame and wheel to be securely locked in place, providing added security for your bike. We manufacture our Sheffield Cycle Stand with a hot-dipped galvanised finish that ensures it is durable and resistant to rust and corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor use. It's a perfect solution for bike parking in a wide range of places. Our Traditional Sheffield Bike Stand is an outstanding choice for a reliable, low-maintenance bike stand at an affordable price.


The Traditional Sheffield Bike Stand offers two fixing options: Overground (bolt-down) and Underground (flanged). The Underground fixing option is ideal for softer surfaces such as tarmac, paving slabs or block paving. This option provides a secure and stable base for the bike stand with submerged supports. On the other hand, the Overground fixing option is perfect for hard and flat surfaces such as concrete. This option allows the Sheffield bike racks to be readily bolted in place using just a drill and spanner, making it a quick and straightforward installation process. Both options provide a sturdy and secure foundation for the bike stand, ensuring bikes stay safe and secure. We recommend using expanding M10 RAWL bolts for overground installation.

Our Traditional Sheffield Bike Stand is also available in a black and galvanised finish: view the Black & Galvanised Traditional Sheffield Bike Stand.

“They are perfect by the way and you have the best cycle stand prices by far”

- Jo Oxbury, After The Antique.

Sheffield Bike Rack Revit / CAD Files

Download our CAD files or contact us for help with planning. We also have an in-house designer who can check and assist any architect drawings free of charge.


  • Mild Steel construction and Galvanised finish applied
  • This bike stand can help contribute towards gaining 2x ENE8 Cycle storage credits when used in the appropriate situation, under the Code for Sustainable Homes
  • Overground (boltdown) fixing or Underground (flanged) fixing.
  • Overground fixing dimensions: 750mm wide x 750mm tall. Baseplate: 150mm x 150mm x 6mm with 8 x M12 size holes total. 50mm tube o/d diameter, 2.5mm wall thickness. Approx weight: 8Kg. Unlike most bike stands that only come with 4 bolt holes, the Traditional Sheffield Bike Stand has 8 for added security.
  • Underground fixing dimensions: 750mm wide x 1000mm tall. 50mm tube o/d diameter, 2.5mm wall thickness. Approx weight: 8Kg.
  • Underground is ideal for softer surfaces and requires holes to be cut out of the ground. Overground is ideal for a hard flat surface, so the stands can be simply bolted in with a drill and spanner.
  • Recommended spacing of 750mm between each bike stand.

Code: BS2 2123

Fixing bolts: 8 M10 RAWL Bolts required per bike stand (No bolts required for concrete in option)

Finishing: Galvanised (see below for Galvanised and Polyester powder coated black version)

Black & Galvanised Traditional Sheffield Bike Stand

Delivery time: Typically 4 to 5 working days

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