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Cycle Maintenance

Bicycles are in high demand as they are an easy, cheap, eco-friendly transport option for many. Efficient bike storage is a vital component of any cycling-friendly environment. Whether you're a school, workplace, or community centre, providing secure and accessible bike storage can encourage more people to adopt cycling as a mode of transportation.

However, to provide a truly best-in-class experience for your employees, students, clients and visitors, you shouldn't stop at bike racks and stands. Many cyclists worry that once they hop on their bike, they may experience a flat tyre or need to do minor repairs on the go. These are all too common, but many people don't carry the tools to fix an issue on the spot. This is why one of the best things you can do as a premises manager or owner is to upgrade your existing bike storage space with a bike pump, a repair toolkit and a wash station.

End-of-Trip Amenities for Cyclists

Creating a real state-of-the-art bike hub for your employees is worth doing and is one of the things that will keep them cycling to work while encouraging new people to try a bike commute.

Installing storage is a great first step, but giving your employees a high-quality experience requires you to take a few extra steps. You should think about installing a repair station. Cyclists often encounter mechanical failures, flat tyres, and minor repairs. This is also one of the reasons people are weary of cycling to work. Providing a maintenance station with a stand, pump, and tools is a good bet when it comes to encouraging more employees to use the facilities provided, knowing they can fix their bikes should something happen.

Our Public Bike Pump and Repair Stand is an ideal solution to that and a valuable addition to any bike storage facility, offering cyclists peace of mind against unexpected mishaps. This self-service station is convenient, multifunctional, and user-friendly. Compatible with various bike types, including mountain, racing, town, BMX, and child bikes, it features rubber-covered hanger arms for comfortable placement. Equipped with essential tools for emergency repairs, such as a pump, Allen keys, spanner, pliers, and screwdrivers, all securely attached with steel cables. The repair stand is crafted from robust steel with a galvanised and powder-coated blue finish for durability. ActiveScore-approved and mechanically anchored for stability, it's an ideal solution for cyclists' needs.

Another product to consider is the BDS Bike Wash Station, an essential addition to shared or public spaces for convenient bicycle and scooter cleaning. This station features a jet wash and attached cleaning brushes for effective dirt removal, ensuring thorough cleaning without risking damage to bicycles or scooters. Crafted from steel with a galvanised and powder-coated black finish, it guarantees durability and longevity. The station requires a water source and includes cleaning brushes. With dimensions of 280mm x 280mm for the base plate and H 1500mm x W 180mm x D 180mm for the wash station tower, it offers a compact yet efficient solution for bicycle and scooter maintenance. Upgrade your space with the BDS Bike Wash Station today.

Installing these extras will go a long way, stopping cyclists from getting stuck in the office with a punctured tyre and having to walk all the way home pushing a heavy bike just because there wasn't any help in the office. Empower cyclists to handle minor repairs and get their bikes squeaky clean. Adding these two extras can significantly benefit riders and contribute to a positive biking experience.

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