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Two Tier Bike Racks

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Two-Tier Bike Racks - The Space-Saving Bike Storage Solutions

Bike storage, such as bike shelters and racks or stands, is an integral part of the cityscape and most modern buildings. Two-tier bike storage products have been one of the fastest-growing areas within the cycle storage sector. As cycling is surging in popularity, we are getting more and more inquiries about bike storage solutions that ask us the same question – how can I maximise my space? And the answer is usually two-tier bike storage. This space-efficient racking system stores one bike above the other, increasing the number of bicycles parked in a smaller site, allowing you to have 20 bikes parked in the space, which may have only accommodated 10.

At Bike Dock Solutions, we have been manufacturing and installing two-tier bike racks for over a decade. We know that your business can make cycling a more practical alternative for getting to and from work by installing two-tier bike racks. One of the most desired benefits of the two-tier bike racks is that they work great where space is limited, as they have a strong level of accessibility. Two-tier bike racks give the greatest capacity in confined spaces, with unbeatable convenience.

We always advise our clients to ask themselves what a cyclist needs regarding bike parking and cycle storage. The answer will undoubtedly relate to security, accessibility and the functionality of the bike storage solutions themselves. Our two-tier racks tick all the boxes – they offer secure storage and ease of use, achieving all that in half the space of a traditional rack for the same number of bikes stored.

We have a variety of clients; some have already used our cycling storage products and want to expand their bike storage premises, while others are only now confronting the growing demand from their employees and visitors to provide safe and secure bicycle shelters. We know that space is often at a premium. For example, in places like railway stations, new areas can rarely be opened up, existing space is already highly constrained, and various needs of different stakeholders must be juggled. Installing a two-tier bike rack is a practical and effective solution for such places.

We offer a range of several two-tier bicycle racks made from steel, aluminium and wood. All our products are time-tested, well-made and designed with final users in mind. We offer a range of double-stacked bike rack options, such as our Two Tier Bike Rack with Gas Strut, a pioneering and user-friendly cycle parking system. This bike rack is space-saving, easy to use and highly theft-proof with its three bike locking points. Our Two Tier Bike Rack with Gas Strut is an excellent choice because it is suitable for all two-wheel types of bikes, including mountain and road bicycles. Another option is our Value Two Tier Bike Rack, which similarly accommodates all types of two-wheel cycles and a 3-point locking security provision. The value option differs because it has traditional Sheffield bike racks at the lower level. We also have an Economy Two Tier Bike Rack, which has a lower price point whilst still being a compact and space-saving solution, doubling your bike storage capacity in any given space.

We offer another two-tier cycle storage solution, the BikeSafe Two Tier Bike Rack, which you can look at. This is one of our premium products, which comes with side panels made from either timber or steel and is designed to give your bike facilities an extra polished architectural feel. Our BikeSafe Two Tier Bike Rack is the only ActiveScore approved two-tier bike parking system.

The Main Benefit of Two-Tier Bike Racks Over Traditional Racks

Installing bike storage is not something businesses and public bodies do every day or even every year. And whilst it is an investment worth making, it is a decision that should be carefully planned based on your bicycle storage needs, budget and space available. If you are exploring our range, you're likely already convinced of the benefits of installing a cycle storage solution. Still, you may be wondering what the particular benefits of two-tier bike racks are over others on the market.


All of our bicycle racks provide protection against theft and are safe and secure locations for storing cycles. This being the primary reason for bike storage in the first place, we have made sure our two-tier racks offer 3-point locking for extra security.


All of our two-tier cycle racks are very easy to use and require minimum physical effort. Our Economy Two-Tier Bike Rack is relatively low and requires very little effort to slide the bike upwards onto the second level. As for the other models – to access the bottom level, you roll your bike in and lock it; and for the top level, you pull the upper track out, and it drops down if you push it down – the top track has a gas strut built in, like on the boot of your car, making use much easier.


Two-tier bike racks are specifically designed in mind with space-saving. They are made to maximise capacity in smaller spaces and allow twice as many bikes to be stored in the same area as traditional bike racks.

We developed this bike storage calculator to help you plan your bike storage facilities. You can calculate the number of bikes you could fit in a particular space by inputting your area dimensions.

Designer feel

Two-tier bike racks are designed to look sleek and compact, making your bike storage space tidy and decluttered.

Contact us today to learn more about our two-tier bike storage solutions and how we can help you choose the right one for your business.

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