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Scooter Racks

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Scooter Racks

With the rising popularity of scooters, we have developed a great scooter racks collection. We want to help our clients diversify their parking offerings to promote various transport modes and encourage an active lifestyle. We offer a quality range of safe and secure scooter racks for use in public spaces or private facilities.

Our scooter racks and scooter docks will help you keep the area clutter-free and safe, as your visitors, pupils, and employees will have an easy-to-use, robust and secure space to park their scooters without worrying about theft or damage.

From Kids Scooters to Electric Scooter Docks

A decade ago, it may have been odd to see a grown-up riding a scooter to work or the shop, but nowadays, they are everywhere. Push scooters, electric scooters, and small-sized kid scooters are ubiquitous. This has naturally led to the rise of a new need – parking. We have been in the business of cycle parking for a long time, and we are avid supporters of active travel – whether by walking, cycling or riding a scooter. We knew our clients would soon be asking about scooter docks and scooter parking solutions, which is why we created several products to cater to this niche.

One of our most versatile scooter products is the BDS Scooter Rack which is based upon the Traditional Sheffield Stand and is made of mild steel tube. This product is excellent because it allows you to choose how to fix it – underground or overground. It can also be done single-sided with 10 spaces or double-sided with places for 20 scooters. The BDS Scooter Rack can also be galvanised, powder coated with a RAL colour of your choice, or galvanised and powder-coated.

Our range includes the really user-friendly Scooter Dock, which is easy to use and intuitive to work with. It is a great helper when it comes to organising your parking space and entrance and exit areas, as this is usually where parked scooter chaos ensues. This scooter parking dock is the perfect solution with its slot system and the option to lock scooters and helmets with a U-lock or a short cable. The dock also provides edge guards that protect your scooter from touching the rack's metal.

We also offer this product in a smaller version, the Junior Scooter Dock, which is ideal for schools. It has all the benefits of the bigger Scooter Dock like black edge guards to protect from metal-to-metal contact, a slot system to store both scooters and helmets and the ability to hold scooters upright to prevent any handlebar conflict. This is a great and easy-to-use product which is perfect for any place where kids may need to leave their scooters safely.

Keeping up with the times, we also offer a beautifully designed Electric Scooter Dock. This scooter parking dock has many great features like a wheel slot system, the option to lock not just your scooter but also gear like helmets, and, like our non-electric scooter docks, it is outfitted with protective edge guards to stop metal rubbing on metal when scooters are docked. It is an easy-to-use product made to last.

Additionally, we have a Skate Dock, which is perfect for schools and universities. This skate parking solution is able to hold any size board, including longboards and scooters. It is tall and narrow, which means you can install it even if you have limited space. It is a great addition to any educational institution, and it would be greatly appreciated by students who otherwise would struggle to find a safe way to store their skateboard once off it.

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