Quality and Function

Bike Dock Solutions offers a complete range of products that combine high security with aesthetic, sculptural designs at reasonable cost. Architects and site planners will find every Bike Dock Solutions product consistent with their own high standards for quality and function.

In house CAD design

Bike Dock Solutions offers a full design service which includes a site visit and a full CAD design service. Stephen our CAD designer has vast experience in helping architects come up with innovative, unique designs. Please ask for further details on prices if you are interested.

Code for Sustainable Homes

Bike Dock Solutions provides a wide range of products that meet the requirements of the Code for sustainable homes. Please see below how cycle storage can gain you credits!

Cycle Storage within the CODE!

  • 2 available credits
  • Credits worth 1.26% points each
  • Mandatory Element: No

Aim: To encourage the wider use of cycle as transport by providing adequate and secure cycle storage facilities, thus reducing the need for short car journey.
Assessment Criteria: Credits are awarded where adequate sized, safe, secure, convenient and weather-proof cycle storage is provided for each dwelling.

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Q Developments, Mark Randall, London.