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Architects & Planners

Bike Dock Solutions Two Tier Bike Racks installed at a commercial property and specified by an architect

Bike Dock Solutions offers a comprehensive range of bike storage products, perfectly blending high security with visual appeal. Our designs are not just functional but also come in a range of colours and coatings, adding a distinct style to any architectural project, all at a reasonable cost. Architects and site planners will appreciate the consistency of our products with their high standards for quality and function.

Additionally, we provide a full design service, including site visits and CAD designs, to support architects in creating innovative and unique solutions for bike storage. Our experienced CAD designer, Stephen, specialises in collaborating with architects to bring their visions to life. For more information and to get started on your plans - our team is ready to assist you.

End-Of-Trip Facilities

Image of Bike Dock Solutions Two Tier Bike Racks at an End of Trip Location

We understand that architects require specific support in designing and specifying projects. Our focus is to assist in integrating bike storage solutions into your architectural designs, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Our in-house design team is equipped to collaborate with architects, offering expertise to fine-tune every aspect of bike storage, from spatial planning to visual impact. We strive to meet the distinct needs of each project, ensuring that our bike storage solutions not only meet practical requirements but also complement the overall design vision, contributing to the project's success and beauty.

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End-Of-Trip Facilities

Space Saving Racks

Image of a Bike Dock Solutions Space Saving Bike Rack Options

We offer a variety of space-saving bike rack options that are ideal for minimizing the area required for bike parking. Our innovative solutions include Two Tier Bike Racks, which optimise vertical space, Semi-Vertical Bike Racks for efficient use of space with a slightly inclined position, and Free Standing Vertical Bike Racks that offer flexibility in placement and high-density storage. These designs are perfect for areas where space is at a premium, providing secure and convenient bike parking while maximising the available area.

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Space Saving Racks


Image of the Bike Dock Solutions CAD drawing of a two tier bike rack

Our resource section is constantly expanding, offering valuable tools like a bike storage calculator and a comprehensive guide for designing bike-to-work facilities. Additionally, we provide downloadable CAD files for precise planning and implementation. These resources are designed to assist architects and planners in creating efficient and effective bike storage solutions, ensuring every aspect of bike facility design is covered from initial concept to final execution.

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Your Planning Partner

For architects and building planners, partnering with us, a specialised bike storage manufacturer, brings substantial benefits to your projects. Our expertise in bike storage solutions equips you with tailored insights and advice, ensuring that the bike facilities you design are not only practical and space-efficient but also visually pleasing and in harmony with your overall architectural vision.

This collaboration streamlines the planning process, as our knowledge of materials, security, and design intricacies contributes to a more cohesive project development. By anticipating challenges and integrating our solutions into your plans, we help you deliver bike storage systems that are durable, user-friendly, and seamlessly align with the architectural integrity of your project.

Client Satisfaction

By involving us in the planning stages, architects and planners can greatly enhance client satisfaction. Our expertise in bike storage solutions ensures that the end product meets the specific needs and expectations of the users. This leads to a more satisfactory experience for clients, as they benefit from functional, enjoyable, and seamlessly integrated bike storage facilities. Partnering with us means delivering a project that not only meets architectural standards but also excels in user convenience and satisfaction.

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We're committed to offering custom solutions that align with your design ethos and project requirements. Our in-house design team is available to collaborate with you, offering insights and assistance with architectural plans, ensuring our bike storage solutions integrate seamlessly into your designs.

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