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Wooden Bike Shelters

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Wooden Bike Storage Shelters

Timber is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available on the market. It is not only very versatile but also aesthetically pleasing. Our Wooden bike shelter range is ideal if you are looking for eco-friendly bike sheds and shelters that are both safe and stylish.

Our wooden cycle shelter range includes a selection of products. We have a good choice of recycled wood sheds in several sizes and styles. Our wooden range includes The Bike Perch, The Bike Shelf, Alpine Bike Shed, Recycle Shelter with a place to park 10 bikes, Recycle Shelter with space for up to 20 cycles, Extended Front Recycle Bike Shed and Recycle Shelter fitting up to 30 Bikes.

This sustainable wood exterior range is perfect for those choosing environmentally sustainable options.

Environmentally-Friendly Wooden Bike Sheds and Wooden Cycle Shelters

Our wooden cycle shelters are made of beautiful and durable timber slats and strong steel frames, and some products offer the option of a polycarbonate roof as an add-on. All our products are designed with safety in mind, so rest assured that our wooden sheds protect against theft. Our recycled wood sheds also provide your property with attractive and eco-friendly facilities to store bicycles and keep them sheltered from adverse weather.

We offer smaller units like the Recycle Shelter 10 Bike Shed, which, as a standard, includes spaces for 10 bikes. We also have two variations of it, the Recycle Shelter 20 Bike Shed and the Recycle Shelter 30 Bike Shed, with each, respectively, holding up to 20 and 30 bicycles inside. This range is an excellent combination of mild steel frame and sustainable wooden slats exterior. This wooden bike shelter is very versatile and comes in different sizes. It can also easily be expanded by placing single units alongside or opposite each other, thus forming a larger storage area.

Another great example of one of our ultra-secure options for premises with large bike storage needs is our Extended Front Recycle Bike Shed, which, as standard, is made with no-climb end frames with anti-vandal panels and has a no crawl-under the perimeter. Like most of our other wooden bike enclosures, this wooden bike shelter has additional security features that can be selected on order. The security features are coded padlocks, locks and keys or a secure swipe card system.

In addition to our excellent standard bike shelters, we also pride ourselves on our great bespoke work. One of our finest examples is our Eco Bike Hub, a tailored bike enclosure with a water-proof green roof garden and plentiful bike storage, repair station and lockers inside. You can always speak to us about customising existing designs or creating bespoke work that fits your space and requirements.

We provide a large selection of well-made, durable bicycle storage solutions to suit any need, space and budget. Contact us today to learn more about our bike storage solutions and how we can help you choose a suitable bike shed or cycle shelter.

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