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The Eco Bike Hub is a bespoke made enclosure where all bike parking requirements for a building can be kept. It comes with a water proof green roof, enriched with wildflower turf. Ideal for those looking to improve their carbon footprint with an attractive and secure bike parking and servicing solution.


  • Dimensions: (L) 9200mm x (W) 5400mm x (H) 2200mm
  • Steel Box Tube: 70mmx70mmx3mm
  • Cladding: WPC Boards
  • Green Roof: 49.68m2 green roof incorporating necessary waterproofing.
  • Non-plastic drainage system and finished with native enriched wildflower turf.
  • Door: Swing Door with external Marine grade Code Operated Slam Latch (Combination operated).
  • Battery Powered PIR Lighting
  • Bike racks inside example of Semi Vertical Bike Racks, with Folding bike lockers, Maintenance stand and bike pump, Sheffield bike stands.
  • Option for Access Control & Facility Management using Spokesafe_OS

Approximate manufacturing time: 2 months


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