Boris Johnson aims to outshine Copenhagen and Amsterdam with cycling plans


Within the next decade Boris Johnson plans to create a cycle revolution in London to exceed the benchmarks set by cities such Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

The recent proposal from the Mayor of London will see an investment of approximately £1 billion which will involve the introduction of safer cycle lanes, road improvements and bike parking throughout the city. Johnson has stated ‘Cycling will be treated not as niche, marginal, or an afterthought, but as what it is: an integral part of the transport network.

Encouraging more people to travel by bicycle is the predominant goal of this proposal. The aim is to consider people from all backgrounds, races, ages and areas of London and figures of bicycle users are expected to double in the next decade.

The key outcomes of this vision will be to create a tube network for the bike; a network which includes routes from West London to Barking in the East, incorporating the major rail routes and bus routes throughout London. Additional, safer streets for the bike are a predominant target within this scheme through introducing radical measures and tackling dangerous junctions.

The outcome of the proposal will create a better city for everyone. A ‘village in the city’ as described by the mayor will involve linear parks, with more tree-planting, more space for pedestrians and less traffic. Cycling will promote community safety, bringing new life and vitality to underused streets.’