Custom Bike Racks Design – Is It Worth It?

December 30, 2023

In early 2012, we were approached to design and manufacture a Triathlon Transition Rack for London's 2012 Olympic Games. The aim was to redevelop the famous Beijing design and add a British design stamp. If you were lucky enough to see the event, you'll know that we succeeded.

Custom products have always been a part of our success story, and we believe they can play an important role in their environment. The beauty of custom bike racks lies in their ability to transform a basic necessity into a unique piece of street furniture. Bicycle racks can be custom-made to suit your desired requirements, making them more exciting rather than boring. An increasing number of businesses are moving towards this custom-designed idea, giving them that unique edge and often completing their branding by extending it into their outdoor areas and car parks.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Bike Racks and Stands?

Often, a client has an idea that tickles the mind, but they're still determining if it's practical, achievable and even worth pursuing. When it comes to custom bike storage designs, we would say that, of course, depending on the idea, it is quite often very much worth it. There are many benefits to customising your bike storage space and the cycle stands and racks you install in it.

Brand Reinforcement for Businesses

For corporate customers, customising bike racks with a company logo becomes about a lot more than simply parking bikes. It's a strategic move to reinforce the brand image. A custom-designed rack becomes an extension of the brand's identity, making a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike. This can be achieved by adding a logo element, selecting specific RAL colours which are associated with the company or going as far as crafting a fish-shaped rack for a pet store.

Fostering Creativity

A beautifully crafted bike rack or stand in the right place can contribute to a space's creative energy just as much as an outdoor work of art. Bent shapes, quirky forms or attractive whimsical RAL colours can transform a boring rack into a creative centrepiece.

Suppose you are a school; why not truly customise the rack by involving students, playing a more important role in the school by allowing them to customise their bicycle racks? This would be cost-effective and enable students to give back to the school and design their own personalised racks.

This can add a personal touch and make for a vibrant environment, whether in a school, the park or an arts district.

Creating Memorable Experiences

Museums and public institutions can benefit from custom bike racks' unique and vibrant look. Shaping racks to mirror the institution's theme creates an immersive experience for visitors. It goes beyond practicality, adding an element of artistry to public spaces.

Enhancing District Identity

In business districts, bike racks can serve as more than functional accessories. Custom designs can capture the essence and energy of the region, contributing to a dynamic atmosphere. These racks become an integral part of defining the identity of the business district.

Contributing to City Aesthetics

Custom bike racks offer a simpler and cost-efficient way to create a distinctive look for city parks or scenic towns with trails. Creating a distinct look can cost towns and cities thousands of pounds. A customised bike rack could be a more straightforward and cost-efficient way of doing this. The benefits go beyond the visual – they contribute to a cycling-friendly environment, encouraging more people to embrace this eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Does Form Sacrifice Functionality?

We often hear from our customers who come in for something non-standard that they worry that a quirky new design may mean a loss of functionality. Custom doesn't need to mean sacrificing functionality. Whenever we take on a project like that, we ensure the bike racks are designed to be more than eye candy.

There are certain fundamental rules to designing good bike racks, and we ensure they are applied regardless of the look of the finished product.

  • Are easy to use and recognise: Bike storage spaces need to be easy to find, identify and use. It would be an apparent oversight if a finished product is beautiful but it doesn't even resemble a bike stand or rack, so people don't even think to use it. Bike storage should make people's lives easier, not more complicated, and there should be no struggle to figure out how to secure your bike.

  • Are D-lock compatible: Ensuring top-notch security for both the frame and wheel. This means a bike storage product should be compatible with traditional locks, which most bikers use.

  • Park bikes neatly: Bike racks must be effective at keeping bikes organised, as this is one of their primary purposes. However, we always keep in mind that even when the racks are full, the design needs to remain attractive.

Who Are Custom Bike Racks Right For?

Corporate Customers

Customising bike racks with a company logo is a savvy move for businesses looking to reinforce their brand image. It's not just about parking bikes; it's about making a statement that resonates with the brand's identity and extending the brand image into the outdoor space.

Schools and Community Centres

Imagine bike racks becoming a canvas for creativity. Schools can involve students in the process, letting them customise their own racks. It's a cost-effective way to encourage students to contribute to a vibrant school environment and bike to school.

Museums and Public Institutions

Inject life into public spaces with custom bike racks that mirror the institution's theme. A history museum might boast a rack shaped like a dinosaur, adding a touch of whimsy to the surroundings. It's not just about parking; it's about creating an experience.

Business Districts

Bike racks can do more than hold bikes; they can accentuate the spirit of a business district. Custom designs can showcase the exciting nature of a region while encouraging a cycling-friendly atmosphere.

City Parks and Trails

Custom bike racks emerge as a cost-efficient solution in the quest for a distinctive look. They add personality to parks and trails, inviting cyclists with designs that mirror the city or town's character.

Whether you have a specific vision or a basic idea, these racks can come to life with a simple sketch or logo. It's about turning your concept into a stimulating addition to the urban environment. By helping us help you with a simple sketch, logo or basic idea, we can build on this and help turn your concept into a unique, stimulating piece of street furniture.

Bike Dock Solutions Team

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