How to Find the Perfect 2-Tier Bike Rack

How to Find the Perfect 2-Tier Bike Rack

A 2-tier bike rack is a perfect choice to consider. Especially when you want to create as many bike storage areas as possible in your space. Whether for usage in a bike room or a designated outside spot.

Let’s take a look at some interesting information about 2-tier bike racks. Are they the right match for your business?

Selecting a Two-Tier Bike Rack

The amount of space already available at your bike storage site is critical. It will help with evaluating if a two-tier bike rack will meet your specific needs.

In general, the 2-tier bike storage rack’s design necessitates a ten-foot clearance from the wall that extends beyond the bicycle. As a result, 72 inches of parked bicycle space and 48 inches of aisle space are necessary to effectively use this bike storage rack.

It is feasible to get by with less aisle space, but 48 inches is the absolute minimum. Otherwise, loading and unloading bicycles from racks and manoeuvring them inside the area may be difficult. As a result, we recommend that you verify your local regulations to determine if a minimum amount of aisle space is required.

Then there’s the question of head clearance. 2-tier bike racks require an average of eight and a half feet of space above them to work smoothly.

Another consideration with lift-assist is the additional space required. For example, from where the tray rests in the lowered position to where it sits in the stored position, you’ll need 48 inches of aisle space.

The final deciding factor for a 2-tier bike rack is your budget. Depending on the overall number of bike storage units and the particular type you pick. Prices can range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds. Then it’s just a matter of figuring out where the final amount fits into your budget.

Choosing a 2-Tier Bike Rack: Some Pointers

The primary reason for choosing a two-tiered rack is to conserve space, and this should be your first consideration when weighing your alternatives.

One key difference between 2-tier bike storage racks is whether the rack parts are the same height or vary in size.

Do you need a 2-tiered bike storage system for your business? Then have a look at our best-seller, the Two-Tier Bike Rack – With Gas Strut (BDS), a revolutionary and user-friendly bicycle parking solution that allows you to store twice as many bikes.

For additional security, all types of bicycles, including mountain bikes and road bikes, can be chained or D-locked to the Two-Tier Bike Rack. Wheel channels adequately support the bike, and the back wheel is stabilised by a gutter, allowing the bicycle to be secured firmly into place.

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