Free Standing Wall Dock: A Solution to Save Space

Key Benefits of the Free Standing Wall Dock

Save Space & Conveniently Store Your Bike

Bike storage amenities are fundamental in ensuring the security and proper care of bikes. Numerous kinds of bike racks are available in the market, and it is of importance that you choose one that best fits your budget and technical requirements.

So, free up your garage space and keep your garage or indoor space tidy and clutter-free with our free-standing wall dock.
Our high-quality freestanding wall dock is the perfect solution to store your bike. It is great for garages, storage sheds, homes and apartments.

The Bike Dock Frame Dimensions:

  • Single-sided:Depth 550mm x Height 2050mm (1 bike per frame)
  • Double-sided: Depth 2250mm x Height 2050mm (2 bikes per frame)


Unlike other means of transportation that emits heavy combustion gases and contribute greatly to pollution levels, bikes provide a fast transportation option without any negative effects.

One of the most commonly used bike racks is the vertical bike rack. Numerous people prefer these bike racks over other options as they provide them with the opportunity to access their bikes directly without any delays. They are especially useful as short term storage facilities. If you are someone who needs to travel on your bike all the time and would love to park it somewhere for quick and easy usage, the vertical bike racks are perfect for you.

Unlike other types of bike racks, the vertical bike racks offer convenient options to make the best usage of space. If you are thinking of accommodating more bikes within a given space, then a vertical bike rack can allow you to do that. These racks offer easy to use facilities that allow you to hang your bike from the ceiling up to the floor. There are also ceiling mounted bike racks that are a special type of vertical bike racks. These racks are widely used in garage and basements. You can find the standard, as well as the ceiling, mounted versions from any reputable bike rack store that deals in different types of bike storage devices.

Features & Benefits of a Free Standing Wall Dock

  • Space-efficient and affordable bike parking
  • A secure bike parking solution
  • Neat and organised individual parking
  • Single or double (back to back) storage

Why A Free Standing Wall Dock Is a Good Choice

This functional and well-designed rack is a space-efficient and cost-effective way of storing a bicycle. A variation on our popular Wall Dock, the Free Standing Wall Dock lets users make the most from floor space. The frame can be securely bolted to the floor in any position of the room.

Bike Dock Solutions To The Rescue

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