How To Use A Two-Tier Bike Rack

May 10, 2021

Looking to provide as much bike storage as possible? The two-tier bike rack maximises the use of available space. Thus increasing bike storage capacity easily. 

You’ve probably noticed in recent years that cycling is getting increasingly popular and, as a result, there’s a greater demand for such bike storage. Fixed two-tier bike racks are a cost-effective solution to the need for cyclist-friendly storage, ideal for the following environments and more:

  • All places of work
  • Housing developments
  • Train stations
  • Educational premises
  • Sports Centers

Anyone working on a commercial project will also be happy to hear that our fixed two-tier racks meet BREEAM criteria, helping to contribute to the sustainability and effectiveness of your development.

How To Use A Two-Tier Bike Rack

Two-tier bike racks are becoming increasingly common in the UK. Borne out of the Netherlands, they’re a high-density parking rack designed to double the capacity. But do you know how to use this bike parking solution?

Here’s how to use the Two-tier rack

Step 1: Pull out the upper parking tray

Pull out the upper tier of the rack using the rubber handles. Then lower the rack. The gas strut will hold the parking tray in place.

Step 2: Place the front wheel on the rack

Next, place the front wheel of your bike onto the two-tier rack. There is no need to lift the weight of the entire bicycle, just get your front wheel on the tray.

Step 3: Push your bicycle onto the tray

With the front wheel in the channel of the rack, you can push the bike on to the rack using the momentum of the bicycle.

Make sure the front and rear wheels sit securely inside the front and rear wheel stoppers.

Step 4: Lift the upper-tier back up

Using the soft-touch rubber handles, the gas strut will support the weight of the bicycle, removing the risk of the rack falling on you and making lifting easy.

Lift until the bike is horizontal, and the rack will again hold in place.

Step 5: Push the tray into place

You can then push the rack with your bike back to the original position.

The unique aspect of the space-efficient and cost-effective “Two Tier Bike Rack” makes it exclusive which has resulted in a growing requirement for it; especially in areas of high population densities such as stations, shopping centres, schools, car parks and offices.

For all bike types

The Two-Tier Bike Rack can accommodate all types of bicycles, such as mountain bikes and road bikes, which can be chained or D-locked on to the Two-Tier Bike Rack for added security. The bicycle is well supported by wheel channels and the back wheel is stabilised by a gutter to lock the bicycle firmly into place.

Simple and easy

The lower cycle rack has a sloping wheel channel, so the user does not have to bend between the levels which makes the two-tier cycle rack system simple and easy to use for all ages.

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