How To Use A Two-Tier Bike Rack

October 12, 2023

If you have been looking for an efficient and space-maximising bike storage solution, two-tier back racks are what you need. They are a game-changer for cycle storage and are engineered to optimise available space and significantly increase bicycle storage capacity.

Cycling has been surging in popularity in recent years, which has led to a growing need for more effective bike storage solutions. Our two-tier bike racks are exactly that – a cost-effective and space-saving answer to surging demands, making them an ideal choice for diverse environments.

We recommend installing two-tier back racks in workplaces, housing developments, train stations, educational institutions, sports centres and anywhere with a growing need for accessible and user-centric bike storage. Additionally, for those involved in commercial projects, it's worth noting that our two-tier racks are compliant with BREEAM criteria.

Originating from the Netherlands, two-tier bike racks have gained increasing prominence in the UK. Engineered for high-density parking, they are designed to double capacity, effectively addressing the space constraints associated with conventional bike racks.

But do you know how to effectively utilise this innovative bike parking solution?

How Do You Use a Two-tier Bike Rack?

All of our bike racks and stands are carefully designed and tested to be user-friendly and easy to mount bikes on. We always make sure that our products intuitively make sense and can be utilised by pros and novices alike.

However, we are also aware that when faced with a double-tier bike rack for the first time, some cyclists may feel a little intimidated. There is no need to feel this way – we promise our racks may have two levels, but their level of difficulty to use is zero.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use our two-tier bike rack:

Step 1: Pull out the top parking tray

Gently pull out the upper tier of the rack using the specially designed rubber handles. Lower the rack and rely on the gas strut to securely hold the parking tray in place.

Step 2: Position the front wheel on the rack

Place the front wheel of your bike onto the two-tier rack. There's no need to exert force to lift the entire bicycle; simply get the front wheel onto the tray.

Step 3: Guide your bicycle onto the tray

With the front wheel securely in the channel of the rack, smoothly push the bike forward onto the rack. Ensure both the front and rear wheels rest snugly within their respective wheel stoppers.

Step 4: Raise the upper-tier back up

Utilise the soft-touch rubber handles to effortlessly lift the upper tier. The gas strut will provide ample support, eliminating any risk of the rack falling and ensuring a hassle-free lifting experience. Lift until the bike is positioned horizontally, and let the rack securely hold it in place.

Step 5: Return the tray into place with a push

Gently push the rack with your bike back to its original position. And that's it – your bike has been securely placed into the two-tier bike rack without much effort and zero need for strenuous heavyweight lifting.

As you can see, our Two Tier Bike Racks are easy to make sense of, very user-friendly and perfect for busy environments where accessibility is paramount. It is important to know that these racks are also very versatile – they accommodate all types of bicycles, from mountain bikes to road bikes. They are also easily secured with chains or D-locks.

The wheel channels provide robust support, while the gutter stabilises the back wheel, firmly locking the bicycle in place. Additionally, the lower cycle rack features a sloping wheel channel, eliminating the need to bend between levels. This user-friendly design ensures that individuals of all ages and abilities can put their bikes on the two-tier cycle rack system effortlessly.

To harness the benefits of our expertise and top-notch products, get in touch with our team today. Elevate your bike storage experience with our innovative two-tier bike rack, and make the most out of your available space.

Bike Dock Solutions Team

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