How to improve office and staff bike storage

September 01, 2022

Effective bike storage is a great place to start when it comes to motivating your staff to commute to and from work actively. To build a happier, healthier workplace, let’s discuss some of the easiest ways for businesses and employers to upgrade bicycle storage.

The bike storage facilities set up at your place of employment may also make a world of difference, just as protected cycle lanes make your daily journey safer and simpler.

Offices and businesses may encourage more employees to cycle to work by providing improved cycling amenities.

Additionally, encouraging employees to be more active can enhance their health and wellness and boost productivity.

So, here are a few ways you can enhance your workplace and employee bike storage facilities.

Include a bike repair shop

If you have a flat tyre when you get to work, you might need to take a taxi home or come back the following day to pick up the bike.

People can tune up their bikes, check tyre pressure, change flat tyres, and perform various other maintenance at bike repair shops and pumps.

They are an indicator that the bike storage goes beyond simple box-ticking to consider the needs of the bike owner.

Security and weatherproofing 

Clear sheeting shelters will keep most of the British weather out.

However, a full-width roof, full-length wood cladding, glass panels, or wire mesh gives a higher level of security and weather protection to a gated, protected enclosure.

Each of these finishes has its benefits. For instance, timber cladding hides bicycles from view, which may be ideal depending on where your workplace is.

Mesh cladding is an affordable option that still provides the same level of security.

Glass shelters allow you to brand the location, highlighting your organisation’s commitment to cycling and creating a welcome space for customers to keep their bicycles.

Get ready for the revolution in e-bikes

The sales of e-bikes are rising steadily. How can workplaces meet this demand?

E-bikes are often more expensive than ordinary bikes. Thus bike racks must take good care of the e-bike. Make sure the bike protection and security in your bike parking are adequate.

Accessibility is key 

Even the best bike shelter will be unpopular with users if you have to climb many steps, pass through multiple doors, or pass through numerous gates to get to it.

For first-time commuters, the winding hallways leading to the chilly, concrete basement shop or the discovery of a few ancient bike racks behind the bins might be off-putting.

Instead, employers should provide conveniently accessible parking for cyclists.

This involves providing welcoming navigation, precise visuals, and well-lit access. These straightforward fixes are what spur commuters to pedal to work more frequently.

Think about offering shared bike programmes

While cycle-to-work programmes offer reasonable choices for buying new bikes, a pool bike programme is another approach to encourage employees to pedal. 

Employers can decide to make one or more shared bikes available for employees to use for commuting, getting to meetings and client locations, or even just trying out a new route.

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