2-tier bike rack storage solution

How To Properly Use A 2-Tier Bike Rack

Two-tier bike racks are becoming more common in the United Kingdom. It’s a quadruple-capacity high-density parking bicycle rack that originated in the Netherlands. Two-Tier Bike Rack – With Gas Strut has a gas strut that makes lifting and using the rack safe and simple. This instruction manual is not applicable if you’re using a rack without a gas-assisted strut.

Step 1 – Remove the parking tray from the upper level

Pull the upper layer of the rack out with the rubber grips. Lower the rack after that. The gas strut will keep the parking tray in position.

Step2 – Place the front wheel of the bicycle on the rack

After that, put your bike’s front wheel on the rack. It is not essential to lift the entire bicycle; only the front wheel should be on the tray.

Step 3 – Place your bicycle on the rack

Using the bike’s momentum, you can mount the bike on the rack with the front wheel in the rack’s channel. You should be able to push and slide the bike into place rather than having to elevate it. Make sure that the front and back wheels are correctly seated in the front and rear wheel stoppers.

Step 4 – Return the upper tier to its original position

With soft-touch rubber grips, the gas strut will support the weight of the bicycle. This eliminates the risk of the rack falling on you and makes lifting much more manageable. Return the rack to its original position by raising the bike until it is horizontal.

Step 5 – Place the tray in its proper position by pushing it inwards

With your bike on the rack, you may then push it back to its original position.

Why should you choose the BDS Two Tier Bike Rack?

The BDS Two Tier Bike Rack is a revolutionary and user-friendly bike parking system. It can hold twice as many bikes in the same amount of space as a standard bike rack. The space-saving and cost-effective “Two Tier Bike Rack” has seen an increase in demand, particularly in high-density areas such as railway stations, retail malls, schools, parking lots, and workplaces, due to its specialised and distinctive characteristics.

All types of bicycles, including mountain bikes and road bikes, can be D-locked to the 2-Tier Bike Rack for added security. Wheel channels adequately support the bike, and the back wheel is maintained steady by a gutter, allowing the bike to lock firmly into place.

A sloping wheel channel on the bottom bike rack reduces the need for the user to bend between levels, making the two-tier cycle rack system simple and easy to use for individuals of all ages. This rack is ideal for saving space since the cycle stands are so small, measuring only 375mm from centre to centre.

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