Bike shelter storage

How to store your favourite bike

It is very important to understand how to store your prized bicycle properly. Here are some things to consider while choosing bike storage for your requirements.

Bicycle Models

While planning your bicycle storage, you should consider the following things:

Road bicycles: lightweight and have slim low-tread tyres, making them excellent for fast riding on paved roads.

Mountain bikes: heavy-duty bicycles with wide treaded wheels, making them suitable for outdoor storage.

Electric bicycles: powered by a battery, making cycling accessible to everyone. When storing this type of bicycle, whether indoors or outside, take care to keep the motor protected from rain and wind.

Folding bicycles: handy, portable, and easy-to-store choice for commuters. You might be able to get away with a simple rack or perhaps a shelf to store this bicycle style.

Bicycle Storage 

Here are some critical factors to consider when selecting a storage solution.

The size and kind of bicycles determine which storage options take up the least amount of space. Consider both the frame and the size of your wheels. You may want to keep your bicycle with the side flat against the wall or vertically with the wheels perpendicular to the wall, depending on the available space. Keep in mind that specific storage options are more conveniently accessible than others. 

Will strangers be able to get inside your bike storage area?

If this is the case, you should consider installing security measures to prevent theft. Chains and locks can help protect your bike, but make sure you secure the wheels, frame, handlebars, and seat as well. Cover your bicycle for more security via obscurity.

Another factor to consider is the protection of the walls and flooring. This is an important consideration for both tenants and homeowners. Tires may leave unsightly marks, and one incorrect manoeuvre with a heavy bike might punch a hole in the walls. If your bicycle storage receives a lot of traffic, try to store it in a storage facility that can manage it. Bike Dock Solutions offers a diverse selection of heavy-duty bike docks

Will you store your bike indoors or outdoors? Both have benefits and drawbacks:

  • Indoor bike storage keeps your bike safe from the elements and theft. Keep in mind that indoor storage may cause more harm to the floor and walls. It’s significantly more difficult if you live on a building’s second or upper storey.
  • Outdoor storage gives your bike more space and avoids the need to clean up after repairs and maintenance. On the other hand, outside storage entails covering your bike and investing in a security system.

Bicycle storage does not have to be prohibitively expensive. Bike Dock Solutions offers a variety of solutions to meet the demands of all customers. We offer a specialised storage option for you whether you are a casual cyclist, a daily commuter, or a weekend warrior.

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