Two-Tier Bike Racks – Why Would They be Good For You?

Two-Tier Bike Racks – Why Would They be Good For You?

The two-tier bike rack is one which continues to offer a lot to any business that wants to find a new and exciting way to expand their storage solutions without actually finding more space. There’s no doubt that this is a bike rack designed to be flexible, adaptable and stylish. However, we’re going to be exploring just what makes it good for you.

Easy Installation

When looking to buy bike racks, you often have to consider where it is that you’re going to put the frame when you’ve got it. For many, this is a serious consideration which can slow down their decision making. 

However, with two-tier bike racks, this isn’t going to be an issue. What you get instead is a storage solution which can be easily installed anywhere with a solid concrete ground – so most places outside your building will be more than sufficient. You’ll need head height too, but that’s not difficult to factor in. Thanks to a galvanised finish as well, this is something which will be able to weather even the toughest of conditions and still be a suitable place to leave your bike. 

Space? Not a Problem

One thing that you will notice about this kind of choice is that it isn’t going to compromise on space at all. Two-tier bike racks have double the space capacity, but occupy roughly the same area as a one-tier space. Because of a unique staggered design, you’ll also find that this can be used to hold more bikes without the fear of damage – they can be put closer together and won’t get caught on one another. 

Flexible, Straightforward and Easy

As bike racks go, this is considered to be one of the most flexible and easy to use, which is always an admirable quality when you’re looking to buy bike racks.

It’s always nice to have something which sets up without issue and doesn’t become a significant problem to build. The two-tier bike racks come partially assembled, and take a team of two people to get correctly constructed. Furthermore, they can come in a range of different shapes and sizes to better suit your needs and requirements. Whether you need 2 or 20 bicycles in the rack, we’ll be able to custom-build you something that works. When you need to buy bike racks, it doesn’t have to be a challenging task, and can instead be easy and stress-free.

Overall, it is clear to see why the two-tier bike rack system is an excellent choice for you. It’s got plenty of useful features which make it a strong contender for the business which tries to provide the most space while sacrificing the least area. You want to make sure that your employees, visitors and anyone else have a place to park their bikes which is safe and comfortable to use, which makes this the ideal option.

Bike racks are often so cumbersome, but with this kind of design that doesn’t need to be an issue.