How 2 Tier Bike Storage Can Benefit Your Business

July 16, 2021

When it comes to encouraging your employees to take active transportation to and from work, having enough bike storage is the best place to start.

Another thing to keep in mind is that in customer-facing businesses, such as retail and the hotel industry, it’s critical to make everyone feel welcome. If you keep doing this, you’ll most likely win the consumers’ confidence, possibly resulting in reoccurring business.

First impressions are often taken at face value, which is unfortunate. This is frequently the first time someone comes into contact with your company or property. It may seem insignificant, but what you do to make consumers’ lives simpler may significantly impact how you attract or retain customers. A straightforward method to enhance a public image is to install a bike rack with or without a canopy overhead.

We’ve come up with five ways a bike rack may improve how others see your business.

Two-tier Bike Shelters are Promoting/Encouraging Healthy Living

People use cycling as a purposeful attempt to get healthy, regardless of the reason for it. It’s also a less expensive option than owning and operating a car or simply for fun. Having a secure location to park your bike during your “visit” can earn you many brownie points with your client (s) or employees. Consider this: would you want to leave anything important resting against a wall or on the floor? 

Concern for the Environment

Any location that ‘advertises’ bicycle parking, such as Two-Tier Bike Shelters, may undoubtedly be considered an environmental advocate. If, as previously said, automobile drivers choose to ride their bikes instead of driving, fewer pollutants are discharged into the environment. That isn’t the only advantage; fewer cars on the road means less stop-and-go traffic and, in general, less traffic.

Enhance Employee Morale

This rule applies to any workplace where cyclists make up a significant percentage of the workforce. As cars are the most popular mode of transportation, most companies will have a car park. They do so because they need to provide an incentive to their staff. It may seem strange, but consider this: would you apply for a job if there was no on-site parking accessible in a busy city? Chances are it might put you off.

Most employees don’t want to waste time looking for a parking spot before going to work. If you have a bike, it can be different because of its size; there are more parking opportunities. Why should you, when everyone else has the pleasure of parking their car safely in the parking lot of their workplace? A bike, like a vehicle, is an investment, and you wouldn’t want to risk damaging it by leaving it somewhere it may be harmed. 

Are you looking for the best Two-Tier Bike Shelter Installer?

There we have it; 5 ways a bike rack can help boost the workplace. There are many cycle racks to choose from. Explore our range and find the best one for your premises! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 612 6113 or get in touch via the contact form.

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