Why are bike racks important at schools?

July 21, 2021

If you want to ride your bike to school then you are going to need a good and safe place to put it. This is why schools need bike racks to help students feel relaxed about bringing their bike into school.

Benefits for pupils

1. Bike racks encourage exercise

Bike racks would encourage students to get up and be more active. Students would be more encouraged to ride their bike to school knowing there is a safe place to keep it during the day which would increase the student’s physical activity.

2. Health benefits

If the school have bike racks then students will decide to ride their bike to school which inevitably will be more active and therefore healthier. This is especially important for students as they may not get much exercise because they are sitting in a class all day.

3. Bike racks will keep your bikes safe

In your school, if you have a safe place to put your bike then a lot more students would start riding their bikes to school knowing no one will steal it. The students parents may also be happy and let their children ride their bikes to school as there is a safe place to put a bike during the school day.

4. You will save money
Students get the bus all the time to school. Imagine the amount of money you would save not paying out for bus passes for your kids all the time. How many times have your children said to you “I have lost my bus pass can I get a new one?” With bike racks, you would not have to pay for transport and it’s a fun way of getting to school.


Benefits of owning a bike shelter for Schools


5. It makes the building look attractive

Having a bike shelter in your school would appeal to lots of students. In England it rains all the time, imagine your bike is outside the whole day without a bike shelter. Rust would develop very quickly. Even though a bike shelter looks nice it is also very useful to protect all the bikes.

6. Bike shelters are budget-friendly

If you’re a school with a limited budget you do not want to be spending all your money on one product. That’s why buying a bike shelter would benefit you as they will not break your budget. At Bike Doc Solutions we offer plenty of affordable bike shelters which suits your needs.
7. Bike shelters encourage environmentally friendly life

As well as helping your students get to school cheaper and in a fun way you are also protecting the environment. If students are not travelling via car or bus then there will be much less pollution in the air. This is good as it would show other schools that you are trying to make a difference.

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