How Can a Bike Shelter you Increase Sales?

Benefits of Bike Shelters for Schools

Bike shelters are an often-overlooked chance to provide students and teachers with a very valuable resource. Although many schools offer bike storage, it is sometimes nothing more than a modest bike rack. This is probably tucked somewhere out of the way and barely has room for a few bikes.

The NHS suggests that children obtain at least one hour of exercise every day. This is the bare minimum for promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. However, many youngsters nowadays do not satisfy this threshold. Cycling to and from school increases the amount of exercise children receive each day. Bike Shelters will encourage students to ride their bikes to and from school every day. Let’s have a look at some of the additional advantages provided by bike shelters put at schools.

How can Bike Shelters benefit students?

Bikes are valuable objects, and no one wants to put them in danger of being stolen. Students also do not want to ride home on a damp seat because their bike has not been adequately insulated. If these are the only alternatives offered to pupils, they will not want to ride their bikes to school. As a result, demand for bike storage may be minimal. If the proper bike storage is available, cycling to school will become more interesting to many kids.

It is critical to provide students with proper bike storage so that they may confidently leave their bikes during the day. Students frequently travel longer than they can walk to school, and a bus pass is an expensive alternative. This is why it is critical to provide equipment that encourages pupils to pedal to school whenever possible.

Cycling is not only an efficient mode of transportation, but it also provides several health advantages. When compared to the alternative of sitting on a bus every day, riding to and from school is a wonderful form of exercise. More student bikers may also assist in minimising traffic congestion on the roadways towards the beginning and conclusion of the school day. There will be fewer cars on the road if their parents or guardians do not drop them off. This is more environmentally friendly and decreases the risk of heavy traffic to pupils.

Types of Bike Shelters for Schools

bike shelter is designed to provide a covered place for bikes, protecting them from inclement weather and theft. Although this is a fundamental function, it does not imply that all shelters must be the same or that the cheapest shelter on the market is the best option for you. Choosing the ideal bike storage for your school is critical to guarantee that it works properly.

Value Cycle Shelters Range

This is an extremely cost-effective method to provide your school with high-quality cycling shelter at a reasonable price.

The Large Wall Mounted Shelter is a single-sided ‘lean-to’ bicycle shelter that can hold up to ten bikes using The Ramped style bike rack. Traditional Sheffield cycle stands with up to 8 bikes are also available. This low-cost shelter is floor and wall fixed, with legs accessible for casting in and wall fastening only for bolting.

The Cardiff Bike Shelter was created from the bottom up to be the most cost-effective protected bike parking option on the market. The frame is made of box section steel tubing for stiffness and endurance, without sacrificing manufacturing quality. This shelter is free-standing and floor-fixed, with Sheffield Bike Stands for optimum security bike parking.

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