Why Should You Install a Semi-Vertical Bike Rack?

Why Should You Install a Semi-Vertical Bike Rack?

The Bike Dock Solutions Semi Vertical Bike Rack is a long-lasting and low-cost option to save space. We believe it deserves its own post because it is one of our most popular bike racks! 

What makes our Semi Vertical Bike Rack so unique?

Optimise space

It takes up a lot of room. Because the bikes are semi-vertical, they stagger in height with just 305mm of centre space. Furthermore, you can park the bikes closer together than on traditional racks because of the staggering heights, which is super beneficial in compact places. For example, beneath your staircase at home or at work.

Where can I install the semi-vertical bike rack?

You can install it anywhere. It is weatherproof, and you can use it both inside and out in car parks, offices, garages, sheds, and footpaths.


The Semi Vertical Bike Rack has three locking points. The front and rear wheels, as well as the centre frame. We can add a locking bar in the centre of the bike rack, allowing bikers to use D locks there. 

It’s sturdy

This rack is composed of solid steel with a galvanised finish, making it highly sturdy and long-lasting.

Simple to construct

It will come to you flat-packed, allowing it to fit through any doorway. We do offer a diagram that illustrates how to assemble the rack. All that remains is to put the frame together, attach the bike racks, and bolt into the floor (if you would like), and you’re done!

Size is adjustable

We manufacture this bike rack to order, so we can design a frame to accommodate you if you need three, four, five, thirteen, twenty-four, or sixty-eight bikes. Because you can fasten the frames side by side with no loss of space, it’s a versatile method to store your bikes. To figure out how many bicycles you can fit in a room, all you have to do is measure the length and depth of the space. The rack’s depth is 1114mm. Simply divide the length of the space, e.g. 4000mm, by 305mm to see how many bikes may be accommodated in a particular length. Subtraction of one from the total. In this case, a 4000mm rack could comfortably store 12 bikes.

Simple to use and suitable for many sorts of bikes (excluding trikes! )

It’s quite simple to use. All you have to do is roll the bike up and place the front wheel on the track. This rack is designed such that it does not need to be attached to the rack; it will just balance on the track. The Semi Vertical Bike Rack is compatible with all bikes and tyre thicknesses, even the largest mountain bike tyres.

Here is an example of a few Semi Vertical Bike Racks we made for the Canary Wharf Group. A story on our company can be found in the Guardian here.

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