Why Choose the BDS Two Tier Bike Rack?

January 02, 2022

The BDS Two Tier Bike Rack is the most space-efficient bike rack available for bicycle parking. Why should you go with a two-tiered bike rack from Bike Dock Solutions?

Space Efficiency

Because of its double levels and staggering heights, it can accommodate a large number of bikes in a small space. The bikes can be stored with only 375mm of space between them. Because of the staggering heights, the bikes can also be parked closer together than on other types of racks. This is especially useful in cramped quarters. Top BDS Tip: Make sure your room height is at least 2.4m; that’s all you need.

Where can I use the BDS Two-Tier bike rack? 

It requires a flat, hard surface, preferably concrete or tarmac. As previously stated, head height is required, but entrance space is also needed. A minimum depth of 3.5m would be ideal. It has a hot-dipped galvanized finish, which means it will not rust for many years to come.

The BDS Two-Tier Bike Rack is great for security 

There are three locking points on the BDS Two Tier Bike Rack for the front and rear wheels and the centre frame. We can install a locking bar in the centre of the bike rack, allowing cyclists to use their D lock there. This will make the bike rack extremely resistant to thieves.

It’s a strong bike rack 

The BDS Two Tier Bike Rack is made of thick steel with welded parts and a galvanized finish. 

Simple to assemble 

It comes partially assembled as standard, so putting it together is easy. All you need is a team of two people with strong hands. 

The size is adaptable

We make this bike rack to order, so we can build a frame to fit if you need space for 6, 8, 10, or more bikes. Because each section stores one bike above and one bike below, this must be in units of two. They are on the upper and lower levels, respectively. The frames can bolt side by side with no loss of space, making it a truly versatile way to store your bikes.

Easy to use and suitable for all types of bikes

All you have to do is roll your bike into the bottom level and lock it in place. With the top-level, you pull the upper track out, and it will drop down if you push it down – the top track has a gas strut built-in, similar to the one on the boot of your car, making use a lot easier. It is compatible with all bikes and tyre thicknesses, including the thickest mountain bike tyres. 

You can view the rack’s specifications and order it online on our website

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