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Why Should You Trust The BDS Two Tier Bike Rack?

The BDS Two Tier Bike Rack is the most space-efficient bike rack for bicycle parking available. Why should you choose a Bike Dock Solutions two-tiered bike rack? 

Efficiency of Space 

It can fit many bikes in a compact space because of its two tiers and staggering heights. You only need 375mm of space between the bikes for storage. Because of the size, you can park the bikes closer together than on other types of racks. This is very beneficial in small spaces. Top BDS Tip: Make sure your room has at least 2.4m of height; that’s all you need.

When and where may I use the BDS Two-Tier bike rack? 

A flat, firm surface, usually concrete or tarmac, is required. As previously indicated, height is important, but so is entry space. A depth of at least 3.5m would be optimal. The rack has a hot-dipped galvanised finish, so it will not rust for many years to come. 

The BDS Two-Tier Bike Rack is highly secure

The BDS Two Tier Bike Rack has three locking points for the front and rear wheels and the centre frame. We can place a locking bar in the bike rack’s centre, allowing bikers to use their D lock there. This makes the bike rack incredibly difficult to steal. 

It’s a sturdy bike rack

The BDS Two Tier Bike Rack is constructed of solid steel, has welded sections, and is galvanised. 

Simple to put together 

It comes partially constructed as standard, making assembly simple. All you need is a pair of strong hands and a team of two. 

You can change the size to fit your needs

We manufacture this bike rack with a bespoke frame to fit if you need space for 2, 4 or more bikes. Because each area houses one bike on top and one bike on the bottom, you must order in multiples of twos. They are on the top and bottom levels, respectively. The frames may be bolted together without taking up any more space, giving it an adaptable method.

Simple to use and appropriate for many kinds of bikes 

All you have to do is roll your bike down to the bottom level and secure it. With the top-level, you pull the upper track out, and it will drop down if you push it down – the top track has a gas strut built-in, similar to the one on your car’s boot, making usage much easier. It works with all bikes and tyre thicknesses, including the thickest mountain bike tyres. 

You may check the rack’s characteristics and purchase it online on our website.

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