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Our Semi-Vertical Cycle Racks are an excellent choice for any premises where bike parking is needed. They are designed to maximise the use of space where it is at a premium. These bike racks are a versatile option when it comes to installing them, too, as they are bolted to the ground and have a solid frame at the back. You can position the cycle racks near a wall or create a freestanding bike parking island in the middle of your car park.

Our Semi Vertical Cycle Rack is made of excellent quality steel galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 standard. This makes it durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For outdoor use, we recommend pairing it with a shelter. See our Semi Vertical Rack Shelters.

Our product is an excellent choice for anyone, regardless of bike storage needs, as it can be manufactured for any number of bikes. We can cater to your needs if you need to store 3 or 30 cycles.

Another great feature of this semi-vertical cycle rack is that it can be used to store all two-wheeled bikes. This includes small children's bikes and BMX types. However, do keep in mind any user of this type of bike rack must be able to bear the whole weight of the bike as it needs to be lifted onto the rack and we have alternative models which may be more accessible.

If you are looking for more space-saving bike racks, you can also see our Two Tier Bike Racks which allow you to have bike parking on two levels whilst using the same floor space.


Our Semi Vertical Bike Racks are galvanised as standard, but we also offer the option to have a powder-coated black frame.

Additionally, for extra security for parked bikes, you can opt to have locking hoops for bike frames installed alongside each Semi Vertical Bike Rack.

Semi-Vertical Bike Rack DWG / CAD Files

Download our CAD files or contact us for help with planning. We also have an in-house designer who can check and assist any architect drawings free of charge.


We have a free bike storage capacity calculator covering our most popular bike storage racks you can access: here. In addition to this, we also have an in-house designer who can check and assist any architect drawings free of charge.

Quick Calculator*

Estimate how many bikes you can store based on length:

Length mm units:

*Calculates only for length.


  • Can be manufactured for any number of bikes
  • Rack suitable for all 2 wheeled bikes, including child and bmx types
  • Galvanised steel tube, section, bar and plate
  • Frame height 1850mm, Depth 1100mm
  • Min Room height required 2000mm.
  • Room depth required is 1400mm for the rack, plus a path of 1000mm minimum. Total room depth 2400mm.
  • 305mm centres
  • Maximum tyre width 59mm
  • Optional bolts available, or you can use your own
  • Price is Per Space
  • Optional locking loop available to increase security by allowing the bike frame to be locked to the rack with a standard d-lock.

How much space in the room do I need?

To be comfortable, we advise at least a 1400mm depth and a width of:

  • 3 bikes - 1220mm
  • 4 bikes - 1525mm
  • 5 bikes - 1830mm
  • 6 bikes - 2135mm
  • 7 bikes - 2440mm
  • 8 bikes - 2745mm
  • 9 bikes - 3050mm
  • 10 bikes - 3355mm
  • 11 bikes - 3660mm
  • 12 bikes - 3965mm
  • 13 bikes - 4270mm
  • 14 bikes - 4575mm
  • 15 bikes - 4880mm
  • 16 bikes - 5185mm
  • 17 bikes - 5490mm
  • 18 bikes - 5795mm
  • 19 bikes - 6100mm
  • 20 bikes - 6405mm
  • Simply add 305mm for each extra bike.


Ensure a suitable surface already exists for bolting on to - preferably this should be onto existing concrete. Contact us about installation, we are able to provide a full installation service.

Delivery time: Typical lead time 2-4 weeks

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