Benefits of Electric Bikes and Bike Racks

June 16, 2021

Many people believe that cycling an electric bike is lazy, yet studies show that it is the exact opposite. They may resemble a conventional bicycle, but they are equipped with a small electric motor that is turned on to make travelling easier. 

Environmental Impact of Electric Bicycles

People all around the world are increasingly becoming mindful of the effects vehicles have on the environment. Electric bicycles are one of the best options for environmental protection. Electric bicycles are viewed as a cutting-edge and pleasant way for individuals to get around, exercise, and help the environment. 

Electric bicycles contain lithium rechargeable batteries that can last two to four hours and go up to 30 or 40 kilometres before being recharged. Unlike motorbikes and other vehicles, electric bicycles do not emit any gases into the atmosphere since they do not burn any fuel. A car emits over 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide gas each year on average. The energy an electric bike consumes could come from the wind or the sun in addition to recharging the bicycle.

An electric bike owner needs to have access to charging facilities and appropriate storage. This is important so the bike rack properly facilitates the needs of the electric bike, and there is less chance of damage being caused when the owner wants to store it away for the day.

The importance of a purpose-built rack

The BDS Electric Single and Two-Tier Bike Racks have been added to our line of electric bike accessories. The major difference between an electric bike and a traditional pushbike is the weight. Because of the motor and battery, they are much heavier, so we highly recommend that you utilise a specially built bike rack. Mainly for the sake of safety when moving your bike and maintaining the pristine condition of your electric bike. Your premises may also have several electric bikes to store, which means greater weight!

BDS Electric Bike Racks are built with this in mind and provide extra characteristics that make them simple operate. The BDS series has been developed to handle a maximum weight of 4 or 8 standard bikes, depending on if it is the two-tier model. To easily accept electric bikes, these models have been developed with more prominent wheel holders, so you won’t have to remove the battery pack while moving your bike. The electric bike is safely and easily stored on the cycling stand, which also has a built-in twin gang UK plug socket for added convenience.

Our unique bike racks help electric bikes in particular, but they also have many additional characteristics that are beneficial to both traditional and electric bikes. For example, the bicycle is held in a highly secure and stable manner in the wheel channels. These are complete with locking bars for additional security and peace of mind. 

Are your employees or clients becoming increasingly aware of the positive environmental impact of electric bicycles? Is your facility in need of a secure solution to store electric bikes? Contact us today to see how we can help.

Bike Dock Solutions Team

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