What are the Benefits of Two-Tier Bike Storage?

June 10, 2021

One of the fastest expanding segments of the cycle storage industry is two-tier cycle parking. We have witnessed a massive growth in the popularity of these space-saving solutions in recent years. Especially in areas like train stations, where space can be limited, and demand for safe bike parking is growing.

When there isn’t enough room to keep numerous bicycles, two-tier bike racks are an excellent solution. The Two-tier storage system stacks one bike immediately on top of another, thereby doubling a parking space’s capacity.

Gas-assisted lifting

In the past, earlier systems were criticised for being difficult to use. Some cyclists have struggled to lift their bikes onto the higher deck, causing extreme difficulty. Selecting a system with gas-assisted lifting, which is available on some two-tier racks, such as our Easy Lift Two-Tier Bike Rack, allows anybody to utilise the top-level hassle-free.

Bicycle storage design

Maximising the amount of space available for bicycle parking is becoming increasingly important in industries that need to provide storage facilities. When offering a parking facility, it’s also critical to address the demands of cyclists and provide user-friendly and appropriate storage.

Many residential areas use a high number of two-tier racks to meet the required number of parking spots. Highly efficient racking solutions must be used in these locations to make the most of the space available. It is critical to create wide enough corridors on either side for cyclists to manoeuvre comfortably.

Caters to all kinds of bicycles 

All bicycles, including mountain bikes and road bikes, can be chained or D-locked to the Two-Tier Bike Rack for increased security. Wheel channels properly support the bicycle, and the rear wheel is stabilised by a gutter, which allows the bike to be locked firmly into position.

Simple and straightforward

The bottom bike rack incorporates a sloping wheel channel that eliminates the need for the user to bend between levels, making the two-tier cycle rack system simple and easy to use for people of all ages. Because the cycle stands are so small, with a centre to centre distance of only 375mm, this rack is ideal for saving room.

The BDS Two Tier Bike Rack is a ground-breaking and user-friendly cycle parking solution that allows you to store twice as many bikes in the same area and space as any standard bike rack.

Our Two-Tier Bike Rack’s unrivalled and efficient use of space has led to a growing demand for it, particularly in regions of high population density, such as train stations, shopping centres, schools, car parks, and offices.

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