Benefits of Foldable Bike Lockers

Benefits of Foldable Bike Lockers

Shelter Store specialises in a wide variety of street furniture, with a particular focus on Shelters. We produce our inventory at our facility in Stratford, East London. With more people becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, cycling has become more popular amongst the general population. Folding bike lockers are a great addition to your facility as it creates a safe place for your employees or clients to store their folding bike. 

Folding bikes, formerly considered a new concept, are now commonplace on UK highways and cycling lanes. Many people are familiar with foldable bikes, folded down into a briefcase form and taken upstairs and on trains for easy transport.

What do they have going for them? They’re simple to store, taking just a fraction of the space of a traditional bike. So, why should you implement them at your premises? 

Benefits of Foldable Bike Lockers 

What are they, to begin with? Folding bike lockers, like kit lockers, stack to make a small unit. They sit flat against the wall, three units high and as long as needed. They offer different lock types, such as key-turn, key-pad, or a latch for padlocks, installed on the lockers. This means they’re safe for use in offices and homes and public places where users can carry a personal combination lock. Our state of the art bike lockers features a space for a helmet, lock, and small bag, with additional room for the folding bike. It also has a master key and a combination lock.

Cycling to your destination is unquestionably one of the most convenient and healthy forms of transportation. To encourage this form of transport, it is also necessary to offer adequate bike parking or storage. Commuters are more likely to choose this method of transportation if they are confident that their bikes are in safe hands. Students and employees alike benefit from commuting on their bicycles. Physical and mental fitness are two significant benefits that persons who commute by bicycle might appreciate. A suitable storage facility would encourage this healthy habit.


Cycling to work isn’t as simple as it once was. Thankfully, the days of parking your bike behind the bins are no longer an option. On the other hand, dedicated storage suppliers have evolved to accommodate the growing requirements of riders.

The beauty of these areas is that they may be adjusted to make cycling more enjoyable. Active travel has several benefits for employees. You can accommodate every rider by providing a variety of bike racks and parking alternatives.

Folding bike lockers are helpful in this situation. The folding bike rider no longer has to carry their bike up the stairs or into the lift. Instead, they can keep it in their locker until they can use the showers or the kit lockers.

You don’t have to worry about tyre marks on corridor walls or folding bikes cluttering apartments and corridors if you’re building a residential development. Including foldable bike lockers in bike parking facilities increases capacity while also providing variety and a greater possibility of meeting the needs of all cyclists.

A suitable bike storage facility would not only encourage this healthy mode of transportation, but it would also bring about parking discipline. Contact us to invest in bike lockers today and provide the most excellent secure haven for your premises.