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The Importance Of A Purpose Built E-Bike Rack

Many people feel that riding an electric bike is wasteful, yet studies demonstrate that the contrary is true. They may look like a regular bicycle. However, they have a small electric engine that can be turned on to make travelling simpler.

Electric Bicycles’ Environmental Impact

People all around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of vehicles. Electric bikes are one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Electric bicycles are seen to be a cutting-edge and enjoyable method for people to get around, exercise, and contribute to the environment.

Lithium rechargeable batteries are used in electric bicycles. They can last two to four hours and go up to 30 or 40 kilometres before needing to be recharged. Unlike regular vehicles, electric bicycles do not emit any gases into the atmosphere since they do not burn gasoline. On average, a car generates approximately 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. In addition to recharging the e-bike, the energy used by an electric bike may come from the wind or the sun.

A cyclist who owns an electric bike must have access to charging stations as well as secure storage. This is necessary so that the bike rack meets the demands of the electric bike, and there is less risk of harm when the owner wants to put it away for the day.

Why is it important to have a purpose-built rack?

Our electric bike accessories now include the BDS Electric Single and Two-Tier Bike Racks. The weight of an electric bike vs a regular pushbike is the most significant distinction. Because of the engine and battery, they are somewhat heavier. Thus we strongly advise you to use a properly designed bike rack. Mostly for the benefit of safety when transporting your electric bike and keeping it in immaculate shape. There’s a chance you’ll have to store many electric bikes on your property, which means more weight!

BDS Electric Bike Racks are designed with this in mind, with additional features that make them easy to use. The BDS series has been designed to support a maximum weight of 4 or 8 standard bikes, depending on whether the model is two-tier. These versions have been designed with more visible wheel holders to make it easier to accept electric bikes. So, you won’t have to remove the battery pack while moving your e-bike. The electric bike can be safely and conveniently kept on the riding stand, including a built-in twin gang UK outlet socket.

Our unique bike racks benefit electric bikes in particular, but they also offer a number of other features that benefit both traditional and electric bikes. The bicycle, for example, is kept in the wheel channels in a very safe and sturdy manner. For further protection and peace of mind, these are equipped with locking bars.

Are your employees or clients becoming increasingly aware of the positive environmental impact of electric bicycles? Is your facility in need of a secure solution to store electric bikes? Contact us today to see how we can help.