Benefits of Bike Shelters in 2021

If you need to store your bicycles outside, then a decent bike shelter is the best way to do it. It will keep them protected from the weather, safe from thieves, and should help you use your bikes in a more stress-free way.

Let’s explore some more benefits that come from owning a bike shelter :

Benefits for cyclists

1. Bike Shelter encourages physical activity

No matter if you’re a child riding to school or an adult getting to and from work, riding a bicycle instead of sitting in a car equals more physical activity. If there are more storage facilities for bike users, people will be more likely to cycle to and from places and get their daily activity.

2. Health benefits

If people cycle more, they will inevitably be more active and therefore healthier. This is especially true for those working in sedentary roles, such as office workers. By increasing their physical activity before and after work, people will reap significant health benefits, such as lowered cholesterol levels, optimised blood pressure, weight management, and better health.

3. Bike Shelter will keep your bikes safe and secure

If people have a secure place to store their bikes, they’re more likely to cycle to different places. Secured bike sheds, especially in public spaces and at workplaces, means that people won’t worry about their bike being stolen whilst they away. This will of course encourage the use of bikes. Without a safe place to store, bikes are at a much higher risk of being stolen or damaged.

4. You’ll save money

How much money would you spend each week, month or year on public transport costs or petrol for the car? We can only assume it’s quite substantial! You may be able to reduce these costs or even eliminate them completely if you use a bike to get to and from work. You may also opt to bike part of the way (such as to the train station), so you could save money on petrol costs for your car.

Benefits of owning a bike shelter for businesses

5. It makes your building look attractive

If you have a suitable storage solution for bikes at your place of work, it can be quite appealing to your employees and clients. Showing that you have made an effort to be more environmentally conscious and help your employees to be healthier and happier, can make your business look even better. Additionally, your bike shed needn’t be an ugly addition to your business – they can be built to look great, and therefore add visual appeal to your building.

6. Bike Shelters are budget-friendly

A bike shed or storage facility doesn’t have to break your budget for your business. At Bike Dock Solutions, we offer plenty of options to help you choose an affordable storage space to suit your needs. There are various sizes and materials that can be used, so you can choose one with a great aesthetic that will be also within budget.

7. Bike Shelters encourage environmentally friendly life

As well as helping your cycling employees, you’d also be helping our planet. By encouraging riding a bike, you can help to reduce your business’s collective carbon footprint each and every year. As well as encouraging ‘greener’ habits amongst your staff, you’d also show clients that you’re trying to make a difference.

Whether you’re a business owner, a high school student or a worker in the city, the installation of more bike sheds in public spaces, train stations, and workplaces is a no-brainer. There are plenty of great reasons why there should be more bike storage facilities built. If you want to save money on transport, encourage your staff to be more active and healthy, or reduce your carbon footprint, the addition of a bike shed at your business, school or other public space is a great way to get started.

Looking for bike shelters?

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