Best Bike Storage Solution for a Commercial Building Where Space is Limited

Bike Storage; Before You Buy

Firstly, let’s look at some of the things you’ll need to consider before you decide on the best method of storing and securing your precious bicycle.

1. Space

If you live in a tiny flat or apartment, then you’ll need to be a bit more creative than if you have a garage. Similarly, if you are looking to get bike storage for a commercial building, you need to consider available space first.
2. Security

Will you be storing your bike in a space that other people have access to, such as a communal entrance or a shared garage? If so, then you’ll need to think of additional layers of security to put opportunist tea leaves off.

3. Fixtures and fitting

If you live in a rented property, you may need to ask permission from the landlord to install wall/ceiling hooks or make other changes to your environment.

4. The weight and size of your bike

You don’t want it to come tumbling down off the wall, or not fit in your newly purchased bike shed.

Space-Saving Indoor Bike Storage Solutions

Bike racks, bike lockers, and corporate bike storage solutions by Bike Dock Solutions enhance corporate facilities with convenient, secure bike parking and storage for employees and guests. Bike Dock Solutions offers a wide range of bike parking options that integrate and complement your corporate campus, properties, and landscapes. In addition to cost-efficient, attractive additions to your facilities, bike parking amenities are attractive perks that employees value and appreciate.

Bike lockers

A bike locker will be one of the best bike security options for bike storage, as these units provide a completely enclosed, individual area to store bicycles.  

To select the best bike locker for your situation, there are a variety of options and decisions to consider.  

No matter the application, there are some basic features any bike locker should include: 

  • The bike locker should fully enclose the bicycle 
  • It should provide some protection from weather 
  • The locker should be capable of being anchored to the ground 
  • Provide security from vandalism and tampering 

Because of the security they provide, bike lockers help encourage active transportation. Cyclists will feel more confident using lockers to store their bicycles and personal belongings. These give users a better sense of protection from theft, vandalism and the elements when installed outdoors. 

Bike Lockers Provide Secure Storage

While there isn’t a lot of information about the storage facilities the bikes we’re seeing taken from frontline workers during the Covid-19 outbreak were stored in, the chances are that more secure storage would mean fewer thefts. And while no bike storage is 100% guaranteed theft-proof, greater access to secure storage at home and at work removes one of the barriers faced in deciding whether or not to cycle to work, and may help more people get on their bikes.

Our Z Lockers are a stylish yet functional locker ideal for when space is at a premium

The innovative design gives a modern look while the internal structure combines two separate lockers within a single locker unit. Our Z Lockers have a wide variety of options available in mild steel or aluminium carcass, metal or SGL (Solid Grade Laminate) doors, coat rails, hooks and other additional fittings. along with a selection of colour combinations and locking systems.