Electric Scooter Parking Solution

E-Scooter Parking Dock

The E- Scooter Dock is the perfect short-term parking solution to control the chaos e-scooters. The Scooter Racks collection at Bike Dock Solutions offer secure parking for scooters whilst promoting an active lifestyle.  Installing a Scooter Rack will help you keep the area clutter-free and safe for parking the scooter or bikes.

But what makes a ‘ good ‘ scooter dock?

What makes a ‘ Good ‘ Electric Scooter Dock?

E-scooter vehicles are thriving in cities across Europe. The two-wheel ride is transforming urban environments by reducing CO2 emissions, congestion, and pollution. But as e-scooter adoption continues to rise, it raises the question of how — and where — riders can park.

E-Scooter Docks:

  • Bring order on the streets and prevent the uncontrolled sidewalk occupancy

  • Reduce the vandalism impact

  • The system secures at the stem and provides an option to store helmets and lock scooters with U-lock or short cable

Scooter Docks encourage occupants to park responsibly.

You might be seeing an abundance of electric scooters on the sidewalks outside your building. If occupants start to complain, what should you do?

Many cities, and the scooter companies themselves, are still grappling with parking requirements. At Shelter Store, we have the perfect solution. A dockless scooter dock that will provide riders with a safe place to park their e-scooter.

In the meantime, consider these three tips to protect your occupants and property:

Improper parking of e-scooters can create a lot of problems. Scooters should not be parked in spots that block pedestrian walkways, driveways or building entrances. They also should not be parked at crosswalks or bus stops.

Scooter Dock offers a solution to the clutter and danger posed by the spread of untethered e-scooters.

What to Expect of E-Scooters in the Future

Electric scooters have been on city streets for a relatively short period of time, which means the kinks are still being worked out. Companies are contemplating geofencing technology, incentives for proper parking and more education campaigns on riding safely.

Despite problems you might be facing with rideshare scooters — whether it be congested sidewalks or the potential for accidents — their prevalence indicates they’re here to stay. And the benefits of e-scooters shouldn’t be ignored.

While cities and scooter companies continue to figure out the best way to work together, let your occupants know your concern is all about their safety first. By providing e-scooter riders with a designated scooter parking such as our e-scooter dock, you are creating a healthier, tidier and happier environment. The stations provide a safe place to temporarily park and load. This supports the drive toward renewable energy and greener mobility.

Are your facilities ready to welcome the micro-mobility users with Scooter Docks?

Personal e-scooters are banned from indoors at the minute. At the same time, people have started to use more and more of them therefore the buildings who wish to still welcome the micro-mobility users need to provide some parking and re-charging options for them.

The Scooter Dock is the perfect short-term parking solution to control the chaos of push and e-scooters. Studded with design features, like the wheel slot system, compatible locks and helmets and gear, this rack EXCELS in user-friendliness.


  • Secures 4 scooters
  • Unique slot system secures at the stem and provides an option to store helmets and lock scooters with U-lock or short cable
  • Height 0.94m x Length 1.16m x 0.81m Width
  • Black edge guard protects from metal-to-metal contact Intuitive design communicates use and served the purpose
  • Made from Grade 304 Stainless Steel as standard
  • Powder Coated RAL colour finish available if required (surcharge applies)


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