Benefits of a semi vertical bike rack in public spaces

December 28, 2022

It is no secret that cities harvest a lot of congestion. With busy streets, busy shops and busy public transport, biking is both a help and a hindrance. While cycling from A to B may help the environment, having somewhere to safely leave your bike without disrupting pedestrians may be an issue at your destination. This is where semi-vertical bike racks, such as a Semi Vertical Bike Rack, come into play!

We have compiled a list of the benefits of semi-vertical bike racks below, so you can see for yourself how they can help you!

1. Use of public spaces in a responsible manner with a semi verticle bike rack

Outside any popular restaurant or store on the roadside with pavements, you’ll see a bunch of bikes parked hastily, posing a hazard to both pedestrians and other bikers. This inconvenience is due to the lack of access to bike racks at these locations, which forces bike owners to park their bikes in areas that they deem safe enough. Often causing issues for other people in the city. This is where a semi-vertical bike rack can help. A semi-vertical bike rack allows users to park their bikes safely without taking up too much space or causing people to spend lots of time searching for space. Users can also ensure that their bikes are safe as the locking hoop allows them to secure the wheel and the frame to the rack.

2. Promotes green transport 

There is no denying that cities are full of heavy traffic. Walking and cycling are the greenest travelling options when it comes to transport as they don’t produce fuels that will harm the environment. Installing a Semi Vertical Bike Rack encourages users to cycle to work or to do their errands as they can ensure they will have a spot to park right at the door of the business, rather than driving individually to work and having to search for a parking space a mile away. Having bike racks visible to users plants the idea of cycling in their heads which may encourage them to join in with green transport!

3. Eases road congestion

On a similar note, cycling to work means there is less large traffic on the roads, especially at peak hours. Installing bike racks for staff or customers means you coincidentally help ease traffic congestion. Lack of parking spaces for bikes often discourages people from cycling, so the installation of semi-vertical bike racks will urge those to choose the mode of transport that guarantees lower travel time.

4. Encourages a healthier lifestyle

Finally, cycling is arguably one of the best forms of exercise. It is easily accessible, costs little to no money and has many health benefits. Having available parking for those who choose to or are thinking about starting to cycle promotes these health benefits as they know they will be able to store their bike safely while they go about the rest of their day. Cycling on a regular basis not only improves cardiovascular fitness but also helps to improve body posture. A healthier body now comes with a greener environment!

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Bike Dock Solutions Team

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