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What are the Best Bike Racks for An Office or Workplace?

When you are thinking about buying a bike rack for your office or workplace you might think that there isn’t a lot to think about. However, there are a number of different types of commercial bike racks and bike shelter solutions available. It will all come down to the size of your organisation and how much space you want to devote to bike storage. It is a very good modern business practise to promote your green credentials and encourage your employees to cycle to work. However, you need to make sure that you have enough storage for all those bikes that you are expecting. We look at how to choose a bike rack online.

Two-Tier Bike Rack

These are perfect if you want to provide a large amount of storage in a smaller space. These can be fitted in either an outdoor space or within a shelter that keeps the bikes dry. The two-tier bike rack is handled by a gas-assisted lift arm that means the bike can be raised into the higher position without having to exert any effort on the part of the cyclist. This enables the cycles to be stored safe and secure for the entire workday. 

The Sheffield Bike Rack

This is a traditional form of bike rack that is essentially a large metal hoop that is fixed to the floor or embedded in it. Each hoop allows for the secure locking of two bicycles to it. These hoops are available in a wide variety of colours and styles and can be made to look part of your existing infrastructure or stand out as a functional piece of art. The great thing about the Sheffield Bike Rack is that you can calculate exactly how many hopes you need, and you can arrange them in any style or pattern that you want. 

Vertical Bike Rack

This style of bike rack is perfectly suited to organisations that are short on space for bicycle parking. You can attach this type of rack to an exterior wall and it allows for the storage of many cycles in a small footprint. The bike is locked to the rack in a vertical position. This allows for easy access for users without taking up too much space.

Semi-Vertical Bike Rack

This style of bike rack takes advantage of the ease of using a traditional bike rack and couples it with the space-saving advantages of a vertical bike rack, giving you a best of both worlds that allows for the storage of a large number of bicycles without using a huge amount of space. The rack features several secure locking points for the bicycles so that your employees can be sure that their bikes are safe whilst they are working away. 

Other Options

There are a number of other options that allow for the storage of bicycles at your workplace or organisation, it all comes down to the amount of storage you want to provide and the amount that you want to spend on storage.