Why Bike Lockers are Beneficial

Why Bike Lockers are Beneficial

Shelter Store specialises in a wide range of street furniture, with an emphasis on Shelters. Our stock is created at our Stratford, East London, location. Cycling has grown more popular among the general public as more individuals become more ecologically concerned. Folding bike lockers are a terrific addition to your business since they provide a secure storage area for your staff or clients’ folding bikes.

Folding bikes are now prevalent on UK motorways and bike lanes. Many people know of foldable bikes, which can be folded down into a briefcase and transported easily upstairs and on trains. What advantages do they have? They’re easy to store, taking only a fraction of the space that a regular bike does. So, why should you put them in place at your place of business?

Benefits of Foldable Bike Lockers 

To begin with, what are they? Like kit lockers, bike lockers stack to produce a compact unit. They are three units high and as long as needed, and they sit flat against the wall. They have several lock types on the lockers, such as key-turn, key-pad, or a latch for padlocks. This makes them suitable for use in businesses, residences, and public areas where users may bring their own personal combination lock. Our cutting-edge bike lockers include a place for a helmet, lock, and small bag, as well as enough capacity for a folding bike. It also comes with a master key and a combination lock.

Cycling to your destination is without a doubt one of the most practical and clean modes of transportation. It is also vital to provide appropriate bike parking or storage to encourage this mode of transportation. If commuters know that their bikes are in good care, they are more inclined to select this mode of transportation. Commuting by bicycle is beneficial to both students and employees. Cyclists may find physical and mental fitness to be two key advantages. A good storage facility would aid this healthy habit.


Cycling to work isn’t as easy as it used to be. Thankfully, placing your bike behind the bins is no longer a likelihood. Dedicated storage providers, on the other hand, have developed to meet the rising needs of riders.

These areas have the advantage of being adaptable to make cycling more fun. Employees benefit from active travel in a variety of ways. By providing a range of bike racks and parking options, you can accommodate any rider The rider of a foldable bike no longer has to carry their bike up the stairs or into the lift. They can instead store it in their locker.

You won’t have to worry about tyre marks on corridor walls or folding bikes cluttering flats and passageways if you’re creating a residential complex. Bike lockers boost capacity while also giving variation and a better chance of satisfying the demands of all bikers.

A suitable bike storage facility would not only encourage this healthy mode of transportation, but it would also bring about parking discipline. Contact us to invest in bike lockers today and provide the most excellent secure haven for your premises.