The Best Bike Storage Solution if space is Limited

The Best Bike Storage Solution if space is Limited

Let’s start with some of the things you’ll need to think about before deciding on the best bike storage options and how to secure your bicycle.

1) Space

If you don’t have a garage and live in a small flat or apartment, you’ll have to be a little more resourceful. Similarly, if you require bike storage for a business building, you must first examine the amount of space available.

2) Safety and security

Will you be parking your bike in a common place, such as a community entry or a shared garage, where other people can see it? If that’s the case, you’ll need to consider adding different levels of security to deter opportunists.

3) Fixtures and accessories

Installing wall/ceiling hooks or making other modifications to your surroundings may require approval from your landlord if you reside in a leased house.

4) Your bike’s weight and dimensions

You don’t want it to fall off the wall or fall out of your freshly acquired bike storage.

Indoor Bike Storage Ideas that Save Space

Bike Dock Solutions’ bike racks, bike lockers, and corporate bike storage solutions provide employees and visitors with easy, secure bike parking and storage. Bike Dock Solutions provides a variety of bike parking alternatives that are designed to blend in with your business, assets, and landscapes. Our bike parking options are attractive incentives that workers cherish and appreciate. In addition to being cost-effective and aesthetic additions to your facility.

Bike lockers

One of the best bike security choices for bike storage is a bike locker, which provides a totally enclosed, separate room to keep bicycles. There are many alternatives and things to consider when choosing the best bike storage for your needs.

Whatever the use, each bike locker should have the following fundamental features:

  • The bike should be completely secure in the bike locker.
  • It should give some weather protection and be able to be fastened to the ground. 
  • It should also provide security against vandalism and tampering.

Bike lockers encourage active mobility because of the security they give. Cyclists will feel more at ease storing their bicycles and personal goods in lockers. These provide a greater sense of protection against theft, vandalism, and the weather when built outside.

Bike Lockers Provide Secure Storage

While there isn’t much information on the storage facility where the bikes stolen from frontline workers during the Covid-19 epidemic were kept. Better secure storage is likely to result in fewer thefts. While no bike storage is guaranteed to be 110% theft-proof. Having more secure storage at home and at work removes one of the hurdles to determining whether or not to cycle to work and may encourage more individuals to do so.

Our Z Lockers are a stylish yet functional locker ideal for when space is at a premium

The interior construction enhances the sleek style, which unites two independent lockers into a single locker unit. Our Z Lockers come in a range of finishes, including:

  • Mild steel or aluminium carcasses
  • Metal or SGL (Solid Grade Laminate) doors
  • Coat rails
  • Hooks, and other accessories, as well as a choice of colour combinations and locking mechanisms.

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