Are Bike Shelters Useful for Universities?

October 13, 2022

Cycling is a convenient, clean and healthy way of travel. Many cyclists wish to cycle to uni. This is the biggest reason why universities should invest in bike shelters. Bike shelters are an often overlooked chance to provide students and teachers with a very valuable resource.

Although many universities provide bike storage, it is sometimes nothing more than a modest bike rack. They are usually probably buried somewhere out of the way, and there is barely any room for a few bikes.

The NHS suggests that young people should get at least one hour of exercise every day. It is the bare minimum for promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. However, many young people nowadays do not stick to this. 

Cycling to and from university will enhance the amount of exercise young people receive on a daily basis. Bike Shelters will encourage them to cycle their bikes to and from school.

Let’s have a look at some of the other advantages of bike shelters at universities.

What are the advantages of bike shelters for students and teachers?

No one wants to risk having their bike stolen. Students and teachers also do not want to ride home on a damp seat because their bike hasn’t had the right protection throughout the day. If these are the only alternatives for students and teachers, they will not want to ride their bikes to uni. As a result, the demand for bike storage may be minimal. Cycling to uni will become more enticing if the proper bike storage is available.

Students and teachers must have quality bike storage so that they may confidently store their bikes during the day. Students frequently need to take longer journeys where it’s impossible to walk to uni, and a bus pass is an expensive answer. This is why it is important to provide equipment that encourages students to pedal to uni whenever possible.

Cycling is not only an efficient mode of transport, but it also provides several health advantages. When you compare it to the alternative of sitting on a bus daily, cycling to and from school is a great form of exercise. More students may also assist in minimising traffic congestion towards the start and end of the day. 

Types of Bike Shelters

bike shelter provides a covered place for bikes, protecting them from rough weather and theft. Although this is a basic function, it does not imply that all shelters need to be the same or that the cheapest one on the market is the best option for you. Choosing the ideal bike storage for your university is important to guarantee that people use it properly.

Selecting the Best Bike Shelter

There are numerous approaches to selecting bike shelters for universities. You can go with a more straightforward but comprehensive approach, possibly adding more than one to accommodate more riders. You might spend extra money on an aesthetically appealing bike shelter for a more modern appearance and greater weather protection. Or you might go all out with a complex that provides the most protection but demands the most upkeep. Whatever purpose you need a bike shelter for, Bike Dock Solutions has the answer. 

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