Why should you consider installing bike enclosures?

October 06, 2022

The need for bike parking and bike enclosures has never been greater than it is right now. For a long time, people have seen cycling more as a sport than a common transportation form. The idea has evolved, though, as more people choose to cycle to work or school. Everyone agrees that cycling is one of the best forms of transportation, offering several benefits for both the mind and body. Bike enclosures are more necessary as more people choose cycling as their primary source of transportation because they give riders a secure place to store their bikes.

You can store bikes in our assortment of bike shelters and bike enclosure facilities. In addition to offering a secure environment for cyclists, bike enclosures also protect them from bad weather and free up space within the home or place of work. View our assortment of bike enclosures & compounds, which come in a range of shapes, hues, and designs. From the Thirlmere Cycle Enclosure, which has 60–120 bike parking spots, to a Mini Shelter that can hold 6–8 bicycles.

Installing these bike cages and cycle storage systems has several benefits. We’ve decided to list and share a few of these reasons below. 

Bike enclosures offer security

An expensive bike is vulnerable to theft and damage if left unattended. An estimated 400,000 bicycles are stolen or lost each year. While the owner is at work, school, visiting a museum, or visiting another area, bicycles are safe and secure in bike enclosures and bike complexes. Educational institutions also recognise the need for student bike shelters. Who wants to deal with a furious parent whose child’s cycle has been taken, after all?

Protect your bike against the elements

You are shielded from the sun’s rays or the rain while your bike is in an enclosure. Parking a bicycle in the rain or the sun damages it physically and increases the expense of maintenance. Did you know that UV rays directly impact a bike’s paint and other components? Similar to rain, your bicycle’s functioning components might gain damage in addition to rust. As a result, maintaining the condition of your bike will cost you time and money.


Bike enclosures will enhance the visual appeal of any premise, especially as our enclosures offer a straightforward yet appealing design. A bike enclosure not only offers a safe place to store bikes, but it also raises the property value of the area. They are particularly useful outside cinemas or parks, where they improve the beauty while offering a secure location to store your bicycle. There are several different types of bike enclosures that may be used in a number of settings. Furthermore, enclosures made of wood or metal with a natural finish can also go outside and blend in.

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