How Bike Stand Installation is Beneficial to your Business

How Bike Stand Installation is Beneficial to your Business

Without adequate infrastructure, company owners can see cyclists parking in undesirable areas, chaining their bikes to trees, fences, railings, or other site furnishings. As a result, pedestrian or road traffic may be damaged or obstructed.

Bike Stands are an excellent way to save space while establishing a safe and well-organized bike parking area. This solution is ideal for schools, retail establishments, companies, and many other applications.

It’s no secret that cycling has grown in popularity over the last decade, with many countries preferring bikes as their primary mode of transportation. However, whether you ride a bike or not, this trend opens up new options if you operate a business. Continue reading to learn why and how providing bike parking may benefit you.

How to attract bike riders with bike parking… 

Whether you own a neighbourhood café, a retail store, or another type of business, having bike parking may not only bring these consumers to your door, but it may also open up additional options for your company.

Why businesses need bike parking:

Here are six advantages of commercial bike parking:

Attract More Customers: Globally, bicycle commuting and tourism are on the increase. Riders will be more inclined to visit your business if you provide a space for them to keep their bikes. As a result, merely providing bike parking may lure and draw more consumers to your front door.

Competitive Advantage: Businesses that provide bike parking will be favoured by bikers over those that do not. That’s all there is to it!

Bike-Friendly Company Positioning: By providing bike parking, you position your brand as a bike-friendly business, which is a positive trend that appeals to the vast majority of consumers. This is a plus if your company wants to represent itself as “green” and ecologically friendly.

Encourage Community Participation: Cities all across the world are supporting various modes of alternative transportation. Although local governments and councils help by constructing bicycle infrastructure, businesses also play an essential role in encouraging bike riding, including bike parking.

Employees who are healthy and happy: People increasingly prefer to ride their bikes to work. This has various advantages, including lowering the risk of heart disease, boosting mental health, and remaining physically active. Employees must be provided with end-of-trip bike parking facilities in several cities. Your company can feel good about allowing their workers to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by encouraging cycling to work.

Increase Parking Capacity and Place: A bike stand wall can hold more employees and customers than a single automobile parking space. It also serves as a handy location for bike storage. Adequate bike parking will also keep bikes out of the path of pedestrians and passers-by.

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