Signs Your Bike Needs Servicing

Some individuals are unaware that their bike requires maintenance servicing. Now that summer is over. It’s a good idea to double-check that everything is in working condition before you start riding your bike more frequently or putting it in storage.

We’ve made some indicators to let you know when it’s time for servicing your bike.

Here are a few examples of warning signs:

The gear changes are jerky 

It is a rather complex system, so as you can expect, if it is not maintained correctly, it might begin to fail. Your gears should shift smoothly; anything less is an indication that you need assistance. When you apply pressure to the pedals, you may experience loud clunks or even uninvited gearshifts.

Rust is present

Rust has no place on any moving components, despite being all too ubiquitous. The right application of water dispersants, coupled with replacement parts where necessary, should put a halt to your bike’s rust.


Required whether you are cycling on the road, a bike path, or a bike trail. Your brakes are the most crucial element of your bike. By evaluating your entire stopping distance, you can detect brake problems.

Your seat isn’t as versatile as it should be

Not all bike degradation is disastrous or hazardous. It may be vexing at times. While this is not critical, it might show the general condition of your bike. At the very least, you can get your bike seat modified.

Changing out your derailleur hanger 

You may discover that you were unaware that your derailleur hanger had snapped until you touched it, and it had broken into two parts. It’s a good idea to repair your mech hanger before your next ride.

Another puncture

If you’re getting a lot of flats, it might be an indication that you need to replace your tyres from wear and tear. Examine your current tyres for nicks and sharp items inserted. If the tread is in good condition, it’s worth removing any pieces of glass. It’s time to change the tyre if it’s showing damage. This may seem like a flattened tyre crest or, in rare circumstances, a void in the rolling surface. Check the sidewalls for tears and cuts, and replace them if necessary.


Remember to keep your tyres inflated to the proper pressure to avoid pinch punctures and maximise rolling efficiency. Your tyres should have the required tyre pressure written on the side. Some treads feature a rolling direction, which is denoted by an arrow on the sidewall.

Cycling has never been more accessible in the UK, and substantial enhancements have recently been made, such as separated cycle superhighways and expanded secure bike parking facilities. These are encouraging beginnings toward a more bicycle-friendly culture, but what plans are in place for riders who encounter technical issues on their journey?

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