Bike Storage 1-Season Bike Riders

With spring just a chip shot away, it is that time of year where those season bicycle riders go to the garden shed, shift the lawn mower and the garden chairs aside and pluck their bike from its resting place. The tyres are flat but spirits are not. No more public transport. No more cold walks to the station in the dark. No more crowded carriages. Are you a season rider?

Instead, the sun is on its way up when you roll out of bed. The morning commute no longer seems such a chore-in fact it’s purely a pleasure. What a great way to start the day. It’s a fair distance to work but you’re in control. You are running late but you’re just going to have to peddle a little faster. There will be no signal failure on this commute, no late trains and no crowded platforms.


The bicycle commute is good for the mind and body. Your approach to work will be different once you have chained your bike up, you will have a spring in your step. You have achieved something with your day before even entering the workplace. You cycled to work.

Your bike is a big part of your life at this time of year so can’t reside at the rear of the shed or occupy your hallway. A practical bike storage facility is essential. There are internal and external products available in all shapes and sizes, considering style, convenience and price.