Bike Storage designs making cycling sexy

The days of conventional and incredibly boring means of bike storage are over. Designers across the globe are confronting the issue of the traditional means of bicycle parking to jazz up our cities and make cycling sexy. With incentives across the globe to adopt the bicycle as an integral means of transport and green issues being addressed, the importance of bike storage is growing.

In some cities of the world, the bicycle has become a fifth limb. It is now considered cool to take to the bike, whereas previously it was considered unfashionable. Bike styles, roads, fashion and lifestyles have been driven by the increasing popularity of the bicycle. It is no longer a case of A to B for the cyclist. It has become a hobby, a statement and an identity.


The bicycle industry has experienced rapid growth, with some models costing thousands of pounds. With this is mind, bicycle security has become a major consideration. With this is mind, the artistic designs taking the stage are also addressing this issue. With style and substance being regarded, these bike storage designs will be welcomed throughout the cycling community.