Why Choose The BDS Electric Two Tier Bike Rack?

Why Choose The BDS Electric Two Tier Bike Rack?

Make the most of your garage or living area by storing your bike with one of our best sellers. After a long day from commuting, work, or a leisurely ride in the park, you want to be able to store and forget about your electric bike quickly. Our top recommendation is the BDS Electric Two Tier Bike Rack. The best way to organise and store as many as four or six e-bikes in a garage, patio, or hallway. Whether you ride your e-bike alone or with the whole family, Bike Dock Solutions has terrific alternatives for every area and number of bikes.

The BDS Electric Two Tier Bike Rack

Not enough room? A rack that holds your e-bikes and optimises your space will keep your e-bike off the ground and your area clear of clutter, whether in a garage or a garden. This Electric Two Tier Bike Rack is a low-cost double-stacking bike rack option. It has 375mm spacing between the bikes and two layers for additional cycle storage capacity.

The BDS Electric Two Tier Bike Rack

Cycling has become increasingly popular in recent years, and as a result, there is a growing demand for such bike storage. Electric Two Tier Bike Racks are a low-cost answer to the requirement for cyclist-friendly storage and are excellent for the following environments:

  • All places of work
  • Housing developments
  • Train stations
  • Educational premises

Tips for storing your Electric Bike:

1) Before storing your bike, clean it (or wipe it down)

It’s important to clean your electric bike regularly. This is especially important when preparing your electric bike for winter storage since any residual salt or water can cause metal parts to rust. Wipe down the frame with a moist towel, dry the chain and gear components and lubricate the chain with a bicycle-specific oil to avoid corrosion. (Do not use WD-40 or similar home lubricant since they accumulate dirt and grit.) Similarly, if you want to store your bike in an outdoor shed, spray rust preventive where the spokes meet the wheel and any exposed metal.

2) Keep your battery in a safe place

As with any other time of year, it’s essential to maintain your batteries. Some chargers feature a lower storage voltage option, which you should use before charging for storage. An easy solution is to cycle the bike after completely charging or storing it. An essential thing to remember is not to store your batteries when flat since they may not be recoverable when you next take your bike out.

Also, don’t keep your battery on the charger for lengthy periods of time, as doing so can diminish the battery’s life. During the winter, you should check your batteries every couple of months. If you find that the battery indicator has gone too low, you can quickly charge it to reset it to the optimal storage voltage (this is unlikely to be needed if the battery was at 40% or above).

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