two tier bike rack

Are you looking for the best two tier bike rack solution?

A two tier bike rack is a great way to improve bike storage for workplaces and employees.

When it comes to encouraging your employees to ride their bikes to and from work, having adequate bike storage is a great place to start.

Another key consideration is that it is essential to make everyone feel welcome in customer-facing industries, such as retail and the hospitality industry. If you do this consistently, you will most likely acquire the consumers’ trust, and who knows, you could end up having a customer for life!

Unfortunately, first impressions always do count. This is frequently the first time a person contacts your brand/premises. It may seem minor, but how you attract and retain clients may be more dependent on what you do to make their lives simpler. A two tier bike rack is one example of how you can enhance your public image.

Just as protected cycling lanes make your daily journey safer and easier, bike storage facilities at your company may also make a significant difference.

As a result, we’ve devised ways a two tier bike rack might improve how others see your business.

two tier bike rack will promote/encourage healthy living

Especially in today’s economic climate, cycling is less expensive than driving a car and having a safe place to park your bike during your ‘visit’ can earn you many “brownie points” with your consumers. Would you want to leave something precious against a wall or on the floor if you were in their shoes? 

If your customers have previously visited you by car, they may have used your two tier bike rack facility and remembered it for the next time. They are now aware that they can safely park their bike at your facility, meaning they will return at another time. 

Concern for the Environment

Any business that ‘advertises’ bicycle parking, such as Two-Tier Bike Shelters, is clearly campaigning for the environment. If, as previously stated, car drivers choose to ride their bikes instead, fewer pollutants emit into the atmosphere. That’s not the only advantage; fewer cars on the road means less stop/start traffic and, overall, less traffic.

Increase Employee Morale

We’ve discussed this earlier in past blog entries. This applies to jobs where bikers make up a significant share of the workforce. Due to cars being the most prevalent mode of transportation, most companies will include a parking lot when possible. They do so because they need to give an incentive to their personnel. It may sound strange, but consider this: would you apply for a job in a major city if there was no on-site parking? 

Looking for the top Two-Tier Bike Shelter Installer?

That concludes our top ways a two tier bike rack may benefit your workplace. There are several cycle racks to pick from; browse our selection to get the ideal one for your needs! If you have any questions, please contact us at 0800 612 6113 or get in touch via the contact form.