Cycling blues


The 3,404 km world famous Tour de France consisting of 21 stages with athletes cycling all over France starts tomorrow (Saturday 29th June) with 2013 marking its 100th year.

Like any top level sporting competition everyone gets that exercise urge, which in terms of cycling we have named the ‘cycling blues’. With the Tour de France happening for a month we are sure that the number of cyclists on the roads will increase, and in some cases cause more havoc than normal!

Bikes just like cars need to be parked. Cyclists wish to be reassured that their mode of transport will be there at the end of a long working day. Bikes are light and a fast mode of transport (in towns/cities) making them highly susceptible to theft. As a result they need to be parked in a safe enclosure if at a work place, or to a Sheffield bike stand if in town or at home depending on the location of one’s home.