Global Bike Parking supplier!

It seems like all of these blogs start with “it’s been a busy month…”, I’m not sure if that’s because each month’s busier than the last, or if we’re just very busy all the time! But this has been a particularly busy month. That’s for sure.


The exciting news this week is that at Bike Dock Solutions we have just dispatched our first US order. Fans of this blog may not find this a complete surprise, after our expansion into Europe with bike in France, Germany and Spain in spring 2012. It’s easy to get excited about these big projects, being a primarily web-based retailer it’s easy for buyers to visit our “store front” from anywhere in the world. However arranging the logistics and finalising the details is where it gets a bit more complicated!

This shipment was a 20 space BDS enclosure and a New York Shelter to New Jersey. Only time will tell whether this is the start of a new chapter, as always we’ll wait with enthusiasm!