Why Your Facility Needs The Street Dock

Why Your Facility Needs The Street Dock

The Street Dock is a modern enclosed cycling shelter that can accommodate up to five bicycles. It has a sliding roof for additional security and protection. The Street Dock is ideal for private areas and community spaces since it provides optimum theft prevention. You can even combine two units to park ten bicycles.

Some key points:

  • Galvanised and powder coated colour finish (colour chart is on the product page).
  • Recommended for homes, community areas and public streets.
  • An extremely durable and secure shelter.
  • Sliding steel roof.

Bike parking and bike shelters have never been more vital than they are now! Cycling has long been viewed as a sport rather than a mode of transportation. However, as more individuals opt to cycle to work or school, the concept has developed. Many people believe that cycling is one of the healthiest modes of transportation, with several mental and physical advantages. With more individuals choosing cycling as their primary mode of transportation, there is a greater need for Bike Shelters to offer cyclists a safe location to keep their bikes while taking a break.

There are several advantages to having these bike shelters installed. We’ve included a few of them below:


A decent bicycle is expensive, and leaving it unattended exposes it to theft and damage. Every year, an estimated 400,000 bicycles are stolen or destroyed in the UK. Bike shelters keep bicycles safe and secure while the rider is at work or school, visiting a museum, etc. Educational institutions have also acknowledged the necessity for bike shelters for students. 

Defence against the elements

Another benefit of cycle shelter storage is that it protects you from direct sunshine or rain. Parking a bike in the sun or the rain destroys it physically and costs money in repairs. UV rays have a direct impact on the paint and other components of a bicycle. Similarly, rain can cause not just corrosion but also harm to your bicycle’s functionality. This, in turn, will cost time and money to keep the bike in good working order.

Aesthetic Appeal

Installing a bike shelter with a basic but attractive design will improve the aesthetic appeal of any location. A shelter provides a secure storage area and adds to the value of the location where it is. They can be found next to a fountain, in parks, or outside theatres, where they add to the overall aesthetic. While also providing a safe place to park a bicycle. Bike shelters are available in several styles and may be placed in a variety of locations. Natural-looking wood or metal shelters are also suitable for use in the outdoors and blend in.

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There we have it; all the reasons why your facility needs The Street Dock. We have many other bicycle storage solutions to choose from. Explore our range and find the best one for your premises! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 612 6113 or get in touch via the contact form.