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How Your Business Can Benefit From 2-Tier Bike Rack Storage

Promoting an active commute to and from work is the ideal place to start with ample bike storage. Another thing to bear in mind is that it is essential to make everyone welcome in customer-facing companies, such as the retail and the hotel industries. If you accomplish it, you most probably will get the confidence of consumers which may turn into reoccurring business. We have come up with five ways a 2-tier bike rack might boost your business.

First impressions are generally taken at face value. This is often the first time you contact your potential customer. It may seem minor, but it will have a big effect on how you attract or keep customers to simplify consumers’ lives. An easy way to improve a public image is to build a bicycle rack with or without an overhanging canopy.

2-tier bike shelters promote healthy living

Cycling is an intentional endeavour for people to get healthy, no matter what the reason may be. It is also a cheaper alternative than to buy and operate a car and is seen by many as more enjoyable. You can gain extra brownie points with your client(s) or workers if you have a secure location so they can store their bike throughout their visit. Consider this: you would not want to leave something significant on the floor or the wall. Or, you may not be overly impressed if there is nowhere for you to store your bike.

Environmental concerns

Any place where a bicycle parks, like a 2-tier bike rack, are ‘advertised’ is certainly beneficial for our environment. When, as said earlier, car drivers opt to drive rather than park their bikes, the environment will gain more pollution. This is not the only advantage, as fewer cars on the roads imply less traffic in general.

Improve the morality of employees

This rule applies to every premises or site in which a considerable proportion of employees cycle to work. As vehicles are the most common mode of transport, most businesses have a car park. This is provided because you want to provide convenience for your employees. It might sound strange, but consider: if there was no parking available in a major city, would you apply for a position? It might put you off entirely.

Before heading to work, most employees do not want to waste time searching for a parking spot. If you have a bike, its size might be different; and additional parking possibilities are available. A bike is an investment, and like a vehicle, by leaving it vulnerable someplace, you would not want to risk it being damaged. Therefore, it is essential to consider the benefits of a 2-tier bike rack installation at your business’s premises. 

Are you looking for the greatest bike shelter installer?

There we have it; all the ways a 2-tier bike rack can help boost your workplace. There are many bike racks to choose from. Explore our range and find the best one for your premises! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 612 6113 or get in touch via the contact form.