Is Microbility the Future of vehicles?

September 25, 2020

A wave of electric scooters and bikes has been taking over the world in the past year.

Micro-mobility options like scooters are a small step in solving the massive challenge of urban transit.

Let’s discover the main four promises of Micro-mobility:

1. Cleaner and more energy efficient

Global warming is probably the biggest issue we are facing as a civilization. We are not saying that e-scooters are a silver bullet for it. But they’re a big part of the solution. As transportation represents 28% of greenhouse gas emissions, and micro-mobility can shave a big chunk off of that by eating the sub-2 miles trips making up 40% of urban rides.

2. More space efficient

We know, scooters are sometimes in the middle of the sidewalk, and cars aren’t. But that’s easily solvable by building more bike racks and dedicated parking spaces, which cities are starting to do.
These new vehicles don’t save space only by being smaller. They also allow riders to keep a shorter safety distance between each other. By some estimates, these 2 factors combined result in traffic bandwidth that’s up to 10x greater.

This makes micromobility the one most compelling solution to our traffic problems.

3. Making your city a better place

Cities are about communities. And cars are about isolating you and putting you in your own bubble. Innovation in the car industry consists of making this bubble as thick as possible: better noise isolation, better suspensions, better speakers…
Micromobility vehicles are the contrary. When you ride a scooter, you’re not isolated — you’re in the city. Driving a car is boring — that’s why we’re trying to automate it. Riding a bike is fun — even more so when it’s electric! (It’s hard to convey this to people who’ve never tried it, but the experience of riding a pedal-assist bike truly is exhilarating.)

4. Micro-bility as a force for economic inclusion

People need transportation options to access earning opportunities, mainly located in unaffordable cities. Today, the cheapest option is public transportation. But there remains a “last mile” problem: how is one to access the nearest station when it’s sometimes miles away? Solving this will need an option with much greater traffic density than public transportation, at a much lower price than cars. Micromobility fits this gap perfectly.

To read more about micro-mobility we recommend you to read this: What Is The Best Way To Store An Electric Bike?

Microbility Hub as the perfect parking solution

The Microbility Hub incorporates Bike/Scooter Parking, Garment Lockers, Showers, and Changing Rooms all in a modular configuration. Long gone are the days where you had to park your e-scooter or e-bike outside of your work building and begin your work in sweaty garments.

This can help workers to feel clean and comfortable, and also present a good external image of your workforce when traveling to and from work.

With the Microbility Hub, you can not only park your scooter in a safe and convenient place, but you can also lock all of your possessions in a secure locker, take a shower, change your clothes and begin your day in a better mood.

The Microbility Hubs available on our website are extremely secure, portable, and can be installed pretty much anywhere. They can also be double stacked to save on floor space.

We offer design, groundworks, installation & connections to services for our microbility hubs. Construction off-site means that there is less disruption and that it is cost savings when compared to a traditional build.

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